[Autumn and winter women's jacquard fabrics are favored]
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Recently, China Textile City traditional market autumn and winter women's jacquard fabrics are popular. In many types of polyester, cotton, polyester-cotton jacquard fabrics, the local spot sales and order placement of autumn and winter jacquard apparel fabrics are relatively large, and the daily turnover has shown a partial active trend in the shock.

Polyester light FDY, cationic FDY, pure cotton yarn, inlaid silver jacquard fashion fabrics are popular, and the flower style is constantly refurbished, following the international and domestic fashion trends, with dense black-silver sunflowers and black-and-white densely bleached wild mountain flowers. Dark gray bottom dense rice white rose flower, special black bottom dense fresh yellow beige chrysanthemum, medium gray bottom dense red red white peony flower, special black bottom dense green bleached jellyfish and other creative flower fabrics are popular at the time, jacquard flower three-dimensional Strong sense, the three-dimensional sense of flowers and leaves is better than the average jacquard fabric, the flower style and color ratio are more innovative. Some of the series of fabrics have increased their orders for large-scale sales, and there are still some increments in the wholesale.

Polyester DTY black silk, cationic DTY, 21S pure cotton yarn as the main raw material, two-color jacquard fabric is sold locally. The special black and beige color combination dense flower jacquard and dense phoenix jacquard fabric are sold well. The fabric has a strong sense of three-dimensionality. Soft and thick, the flower style is getting more and more refurbished.

Polyester DTY, cationic DTY, 20S pure cotton yarn and floral jacquard fabrics are popular at the time, with dense black chrysanthemums on the black background, dense black and green wildflowers on the black bottom, dense orange red and deep yellow phoenixes on the black bottom, and special black The creative flower fabrics such as the dense red and fresh yellow phoenix flowers are popular at the time. Some fabrics have a strong three-dimensional pattern, and the pattern is new and different, and the gold powder is bronzing on the petals, which is quite attractive for market sales.

Polyester DTY black silk, cationic FDY, pure cotton yarn as the main raw material, two-color jacquard fabrics, the department and the city to increase the number of orders, the creative flower fabrics are still in the middle of bulk delivery, with a dense black bleached small diamond shaped lattice, special black bottom The densely-blended small square jacquard fabrics are sold smoothly in the departmental department, and the shipments of the counterparts are increased. The special black-blended dense houndstooth, ultra-black bleached and dense small swallowtail jacquard fabrics are also sold in small and medium-sized batches.

In the recent market, polyester semi-gloss FDY, matt FDY, DTY, POY thick woven two-color jacquard cloth with black bottom red square, special black bottom green square, deep coffee bottom golden small square fabric bureau There are still medium and bulk shipments in the department. Polyester DTY, POY and cationic FDY, pure cotton yarn jacquard Tig fabrics are popular, special black grass green square, special black bottom dark red square, coffee bottom fresh yellow small square jacquard Tig fabric department department still There are small and medium batch shipments.

Polyester-based light FDY, semi-gloss FDY and matt FDY, DTY woven two-color jacquard fabric with dense black and dark dense green flowers, special black bottom dense grass green square, special black bottom dense green small rhombic jacquard fabric partial time Best-selling, autumn and winter fashion women make dual-use shirts, one-hand clothing fabrics in small and medium-sized batch shipments. Polyester matt FDY, bright FDY, semi-gloss FDY jacquard fashion fabrics with special black bleached small square, rose red bleached square, beige bleached small squares and other fabrics in small and medium batch shipments. Locally marketed DTY low-elastic yarns and FDY filament-like jacquard fabrics have been placed in bulk orders or spot transactions in the Middle East, ASEAN, Africa, Latin America and India.

In the past few days, the local order of jacquard fabrics used to make casual shirts for men and women in autumn and winter has also been relatively active. Cotton jacquard fabrics, cotton-oriented jacquard fabrics and full-width cotton jacquard fabrics have been used. Local orders are also relatively More enthusiastic. Locally listed inlaid gold and silver silk cotton jacquard fabrics, inlaid gold and silver silk cotton yarn-dyed jacquard fabrics and other varieties, local transactions are more active; gold and silver silk jacquard cotton fabrics are relatively novel processing, and have been purchased by the counterpart garment factory Commercially favored, local orders are still relatively active.

The polyester fabric 50D-100D and the pure cotton 30S-60S woven jacquard fabrics used for the women's autumn and winter clothing were partially purchased, and the daily turnover fluctuated. The polyester satin FDY, the bright FDY, the semi-gloss FDY jacquard, the Fushou satin and the Tang suit satin fabric, the different styles of the round body Fushou jacquard fabrics have a simple and elegant style, and some of the stores are mainly small and medium-sized. . The marketing of jacquard brocade fabrics was smooth, and the marketing of cotton and silk quilted fabrics with light-adhesive filaments and cationic yarns was partially smooth. The enamel wedding gowns were coated with cationic viscose. Or the fabrics of colorful silk jacquards have been partially smooth, and a variety of fabrics have been purchased by large and medium-sized clothing buyers across the country in small batches and multiple varieties. Occasionally, new foreign businessmen are led by old customers. Fabrics based on DTY low-elastic yarn and FDY cationic silk jacquard are also popular.

Jacquard fabrics for autumn and winter are made of polyester-type matt FDY, bright FDY, semi-gloss FDY jacquard, jacquard, two-color jacquard, multi-color jacquard and positioning jacquard fabrics, such as thin and thick fabrics. Also increased each. There are also some local transactions for the autumn clothing cation jacquard cloth, FDY light silk jacquard cloth, FDY semi-light silk jacquard cloth, etc. Some large-scale business stores still have small and medium-sized batch matching transactions.

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