[2019 Textile and Apparel Market Purchasing Trade and Platform Economic Symposium for the depth of the market]
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On October 15th, at the 2019 China Xiliu Market Import and Export Commodities Fair and the 2nd China Xiliu International Cotton Clothing Purchasing Festival, the 2019 Textile and Apparel Market Purchasing Trade and Platform Economic Symposium was held in Haicheng, Liaoning. Relevant leaders from the national ministries and commissions, industry organizations, experts and scholars, and the heads of textile and apparel professional markets and foreign trade entrepreneurs from all over the country gathered at the Haicheng Zongjun Hotel to gather industry consensus and participate in the industry's in-depth integration into the textile and garment industry. The Belt and Road Initiative provides industry guidance and provides policy analysis and diagnostic guidance.

Xia Lingmin, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation, president of circulation branch, Li Xinxin, director of the Market Construction Department of the Ministry of Commerce, Zhao Qingyuan, director of the Marketing Department of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Commerce, Yang Hongbo, deputy secretary of the Haicheng Municipal Committee, and Haicheng Economic Development Gao Guangnan, director of the district management committee, attended the symposium. Xu Jianhua, vice president of the China Textile Industry Federation's circulation branch, presided over the meeting.

In his speech, Yang Hongbo said that in recent years, Haicheng has actively strived for the pilot of the national market procurement and trade mode, focused on filling up the shortcomings of open cooperation, and deeply integrated into the “One Belt and One Road” to accelerate the transformation of Xiliu market into cluster, modernization and internationalization. upgrade. At present, through the "Silk Road, Xiliuyu Station" trade distribution point, cooperation to establish overseas Xiliu market and overseas warehouses, group participation in the Canton Fair and Shanghai Service Expo, regular import and export trade fairs and international cotton clothing procurement festival, etc., vigorously develop The platform economy will give full play to the role of Xiliu in opening the bridgehead and promote the development of domestic trade and foreign trade and online and offline integration in Xiliu market. Yang Hongbo hopes that the relevant departments of the state, provinces and cities will continue to support and guide the industry as always, the policy analysis and diagnosis of the experts in the industry, and strive to realize the dream of a strong country in textiles and clothing.

In the special symposium, Gao Guangnan gave an introduction to the integration of foreign trade in the Xiliu market cluster; Changshu Garment City, Huadu Leather Market, Haicheng Yiwu Small Commodity City and other professional market representatives led the market optimization of procurement and development of platform economy. Sharing experiences and practices.

In the theme sharing session, Dong Bing University professor, doctoral tutor, and Chairman of the China Cross-border E-Commerce Application Alliance Chairman Tang Bingyong gave a keynote speech on "The New Model of Cross-border E-Commerce in Professional Markets under the Global Trade Situation"; China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Textile Industry Sun Pei-ning, deputy director of the club's six exhibitions, gave a keynote speech on "New Age International Market Development Platform Network and Opportunity".

Xia Lingmin, vice president of the China National Textile and Apparel Council and president of the circulation branch, made a concluding speech. He hopes that the textile and apparel professional market industry will strive for national policy support, implement market procurement trade, and provide a path for the transformation and upgrading of the textile and garment industry. Market entities should take active actions to promote the transformation and upgrading of the foreign trade transaction mode of the textile and garment industry through cooperation with domestic and international cross-border e-commerce platforms. Set up an online platform such as online shopping malls and smart malls to encourage enterprises to take the road of intelligent and technological development. Deeply explore the market potential of the countries along the “Belt and Road” and build a docking platform for countries along the “Belt and Road” to create a sound foreign trade ecological chain.

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