[What are the advantages of deep well aeration technology in treating textile printing and dyeing wastewater?]
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Firstly, the oxygen transfer utilization rate is increased: the depth of deep aeration wells is large, and the high hydrostatic pressure in the wells promotes the large force for oxygen mass transfer. Compared with the conventional aeration technology, the contact time of bubbles and liquid is 15s. The time can reach 200s, so the oxygen utilization rate is greatly improved;

Secondly, deep aeration technology has high oxygen transfer efficiency and can maintain MLVSS with a concentration of up to 10mg / L in the well. At the same time, due to the high liquid circulation speed and high turbulence in the well, it can effectively mix and transfer biological solids and organic matter. Quality, so that the ability of deep well aeration technology to remove organic matter is significantly stronger than ordinary aeration technology;

Third, the operating cost is low. The power consumption required for deep well aeration technology to treat wastewater can be reduced by more than 50% compared with ordinary aeration technology. The sludge production of deep well aeration technology is 1 / 2-1 / 3 of that of ordinary aeration technology. , Not only the sludge digestion tank is small in size, the disposal cost is also low, and there is no need for frequent maintenance in the later stage;

Fourth, the footprint is small. The deep well aeration treatment of wastewater is performed in a vertical underground aeration tank, which can eliminate the pre-sedimentation tank, reduce the size of the sludge disposal device, and the aerobic biochemical section covers the area of ordinary aeration. 1/10 of the pool;

Fifth, deep-exposed wells can withstand higher impact loads: due to the high concentration of mixed liquid and high oxygen saturation concentration in deep-exposed wells, the organic matter entering the wastewater in deep-exposed wells can be rapidly degraded by microorganisms;

Sixth, deep aeration wells are generally constructed below the surface and have good thermal insulation. Even in severe winter deep aeration wells, they can maintain a suitable temperature for the survival of microorganisms, so that the treatment effect is not affected by changes in outside air temperature and the treatment effect is stable;

Seventh, after the system is running, microorganisms will form a layer of phospholipid film on the surface of the well wall, which can protect the outer tube from corrosion, and the theoretical life can reach 100 years.

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