[Some textile companies shift production offline to rush orders, and real-time online "cloud resumption"]
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In order to speed up the resumption of the production of anti-epidemic materials such as masks, many regions have introduced corresponding subsidy policies for mask manufacturers. Sichuan Province recently released the "Ten Measures to Speed Up the Production of Epidemic Prevention and Control Materials". Support overtime and overtime production of epidemic prevention and control material production enterprises such as masks, protective clothing, electronic thermometers, etc., and provide subsidies to provincial-level industrial development funds for employees who are included in the support enterprises in overtime pay. Incorporating provincial-level enterprises with certain conditions for restructuring production of masks and protective clothing, etc., and for producing products that meet the standards, provincial industrial development funds will subsidize 50% of the investment in enterprise equipment.

Some textile companies have resumed their work since February 10th. They focused on the prevention and control of the epidemic and resumed production on the one hand to ensure that both the "epidemic" and the start of the operation were in order to ensure that the post-holiday production was carried out in an orderly manner. Its company has established a strict epidemic prevention system, strict internal management, strict control of returning employees, daily temperature measurement of employees, and daily disinfection of workshops, offices and activity areas. At the same time, a large number of prevention and control materials were purchased to ensure personnel and production safety.

In addition to the first-line production companies to resume work, data from the online office platform shows that within a few days after the Spring Festival, more than 2 million companies have organized online health information management. Nearly 100 million people report to the unit through the check-in function every day. 200 million people work on the platform, hold video conferences ... to reduce the risk of epidemic transmission caused by centralized office.

With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, online conferences and online offices have become the first choice for many units to resume work and resume production, providing strong support for the orderly development of various tasks. At the same time, local government affairs are also accelerating to the cloud, encouraging various businesses to be processed online. The deferrals that need to be handled offline are not considered overdue. In special times, great efforts are made to facilitate the masses of employees and to ensure that all work is carried out in an orderly manner.

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