[The inventory of grey fabrics generally rises to 20 days, and the level of textile export orders is still not high]
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Although the epidemic situation abroad has been contained and many countries have unblocked and resumed work, the global economic recovery is expected to take some time. At present, the level of textile export orders is still not high. Many companies have skipped summer orders and directly paid for autumn and winter fabrics. The inventory of weaving mills is still high, and the textile industry chain is waiting for the situation to improve.

A textile supply chain company in Shaoxing said that considering downstream weaving, apparel, foreign trade companies and other companies directly "skip" summer orders, directly pattern, samples, and autumn and winter clothing on the machine, so 40S and above carded or combed India, Vietnam yarns rarely have enquiries and transactions; since March, the focus of traders' purchases and operations has been on OE yarns, carded ring spinning of C32S and below; the company reflects its customers (cloth factories) grey cloth inventory in Shaoxing, Lanxi, Ningbo and other places It generally rises to 20 days or even more than 25 days, and can only reduce the production capacity and inventory risk by changing two shifts to one or the front and back lanes in turn, but can not be shut down to stop production. On the one hand, skilled employees It is difficult to recruit. Once the order arrives, there is no way to guarantee the quality of the grey cloth and the stability of the supply. On the other hand, the suspension of production or the bank's loan mobilization and upstream supplier run-out payment, etc., can easily lead to "false shutdown" and become "true bankruptcy."

According to a foreign trade company in Suzhou, as of now, the orders of several major European customers such as Spain and Italy have returned to 40-50% of the same period last year. Not only are there large orders, but the contract price is very low (the purchaser will exchange RMB Factors such as depreciation are taken into account). Due to concerns about the continuous rise in raw material prices, high labor costs, frequent commissioning of equipment due to varieties, and impact on production capacity, domestic textile and apparel companies are more repulsive to small batches of multiple batches and no-profit orders, and some companies prefer to reduce production and shut down. It is intended to accept such export orders.

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