[What is the difference between polyester yarn and pp yarn?]
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Polyester yarn refers to the cotton yarn used in the production of polyester. Polyester is a type of polymer fiber made by spinning. At present, it mostly refers to the fiber produced with ethylene phthalate as the raw material. According to the English name of the raw material, "polyethylene" Terephthalate" abbreviation, abbreviated as "PET" fiber. It is commonly called polyester in our country. The PP' line refers to the magnetic meridian drawn on a topographic map with a scale greater than 1/100,000. It is drawn on the right half of the map as required. The magnetic south point on the outline of the lower figure is marked with P, and the magnetic north point on the outline of the upper figure is marked with P'. The two points are connected to form a dashed line, namely the magnetic meridian, called PP' line. When using the terrain icon to determine the position, close the edge of the compass to the PP' line and make the magnetic needle point to 0 to mark. The earth's magnetic field changes frequently, and the applicable time and change value of the PP' line are noted outside the figure.

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