[The cotton outbound work in the 2020 production cycle is nearing completion.]
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Since the beginning of this year, as the demand for cotton by enterprises from all over the country continues to rise, as the main transport mode of cotton, the Korla Freight Center of China Railway Urumqi Bureau Group Co., Ltd. actively connects cotton production enterprises and arrival stations to dynamically grasp upstream and downstream supply needs and provide enterprises with Cotton loading vehicles, optimizing business process management, rationally arranging cargo space, optimizing and perfecting the “door-to-door” one-stop service such as loading and shipping, and working overtime to organize transportation to ensure the rapid export of cotton from Bazhou and southern Xinjiang . On April 16th, on the special railway freight line of Kuerle Huanrun Petroleum Material Co., Ltd. at Kuxi Station, forklifts were constantly traveling between the train car and the warehouse, packing the packed cotton on the train, and there was a busy scene on the scene. The cargo train loaded with 1,350 tons of high-quality southern Xinjiang cotton departs from the Kuxi Station of the Korla Freight Center of China Railway Urumqi Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and will be transported to Fujian, Hubei, Zhejiang, Henan and other places to meet the cotton production needs of local cotton spinning enterprises.    Huanrun Petroleum Company’s corporate transporter Leslie Cheung said: “We used to load trucks manually. Now that we changed to machinery, the efficiency of truck loading has been greatly improved. Now a wagon can be installed in about an hour and a half.” In order to ensure the safety of cotton transportation, the Korla Cargo Center has strengthened the three inspection systems before and after loading, increased the number of inspections, ensured that the interior of the vehicle was clean and dry, implemented the sealing and reinforcement standards in the vehicle, and ensured all levels of inspection, and added adequate insurance for transportation safety Transport the cotton to the station quickly and safely to improve transportation efficiency. According to statistics, as of April 15, the Korla Freight Center has shipped a total of 891,200 tons of cotton, an increase of 21% year-on-year. The cotton outbound work in the 2020 production cycle is nearing completion. Korla Cargo Center Korla Business Department Kuxi Station Freight Forwarder Wang Meiqi said: "Kuxi Station is one of the important shipping stations for cotton in southern Xinjiang. In addition to shipping Korla local cotton, it has also assembled Bazhou, Aksu, Corps and other places. With the opening of the Gekko Railway, the original single-track transportation of Lanxin Railway was changed to dual-track transportation, which fully increased the transportation capacity. In order to enable cotton processing enterprises to receive cotton as soon as possible, We actively coordinate the allocation of empty trucks and work overtime to organize transportation, which improves transportation efficiency."

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