[What are the advantages of polypropylene hollow yarn?]
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Polypropylene hollow yarn has high-quality properties, what is the mystery?

Polypropylene hollow yarn has the characteristics of anti-aging, good acid and alkali resistance, high strength and impact resistance. Due to its low specific gravity, light weight, strong covering power and high wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, insect resistance, easy Advantages such as cleaning. Therefore, polypropylene hollow yarn is mainly used in luggage belts, handicrafts, sofas, craft cloths, curtains, furniture cloths, car seat cushions and other products.

Advantages of polypropylene hollow yarn: good gloss, bright color, easy to clean without fading, low cost, environmental protection, light weight, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, light weight, abrasion resistance, low thermal conductivity, seawater corrosion resistance, no moisture absorption, breakage, etc. advantage.

Polypropylene hollow yarn is also called polypropylene light-body yarn. The characteristics of polypropylene fiber fabrics made from this product: Polypropylene is one of the lightweight fabrics, and its weight is only 3/5 of cotton, so it is very suitable for winter clothing or ski wear. For the fabrics of mountaineering clothes, polypropylene fabric made of polypropylene hollow yarn has good strength and abrasion resistance, and the clothes are firm and durable.

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