[Tie dye - national intangible cultural heritage]
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In my country, there is an ancient handmade staining technology, which can present a colorful pattern on different textiles such as cotton, silk and other textiles. It is tie.

Tie dyeing process has a rich national style, ancient scattered scattered, fragile, scraps, and dye. According to records, early Eastern Jin Dynasty, and the anti-dyeing army has a large number of production, the work of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, also shows the maturity of this process. In 2006 and 2008, the Bai Tie Dye Technology in Yunnan Dali, Sichuan Sichuan Ziga Dyeing Skills were included in the Ministry of Culture into national intangible cultural heritage.

Tie dyed, dye, and launched three important steps. Before dyeing, the designer put it down and put it down according to the pattern, and the textile part is not completely colored. Due to the external force of the bundles, the textile is uniform, until the wire is uniform, and the fabric will appear on the fabric. The hierarchical dizziness, wrinkles and ice cracks, one shallow wrinkle is amazing. If you are random, you will get unexpected patterns. The dye of the staining process is mainly from the blue, slate, blue root, mihadis, etc., especially slate blue roots.

In recent years, it has been sought after by more and more young people. In the independent designer brand work, we frequently see their figure on the stage of the international fashion week, and traditional culture is glow. It is reported that Keqiao is now the only area that can be dyed in a fabric and dressing. Li Wenhao, the head of Marriott Textile, told reporters: "Currently dyed print orders show growth trends, but due to the handmade operation, the quality of the finished product will be uncontrollable due to large orders, requires enterprises to keep the product." Tie dye pattern style Diverse unique, Marriott Textiles are designed with hundreds of plows every year according to the grasp of popular trends and customer needs.

As the market has expanded the demand for rolling, the pattern is gradually complex and diverse. Modern tie-up art advances, breaking through the limitations of traditional crafts and materials, combining digital printing technology with traditional dressing, making civil art styles, and also solved the problem of dyeing quality uncontrollable .

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