[What are the characteristics of the PP yarn, how much do you know?]
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The performance characteristics of the PP yarn have the following aspects:

The morphology of the PP yarn: the vertical surface of the polypropylene is smooth, and the cross section is circular;

The density of the PP yarn: the greatest advantage of polypropylene is that the texture is light, and its density is only 0.91 g / cm3 is the most common density in chemical fibers.

PP yarn of PP yarn: high strength, high strength, high initial modulus, excellent elasticity. Therefore, the polypropylene wear resistance is good. In addition, the moisture of polypropylene is basically equal to strength.

Moism and dyeness of PP yarn: The hygroscopicity of polypropylene is small, almost unheathered, and the retort ratio under normal atmospheric conditions is close to zero. However, it has a core suction, and water vapor can be transmitted through the capillary in the fabric, which does not afford any absorption.

Acid to alkali resistance: polypropylene has better chemical resistance, except for concentrated nitric acid, concentrated caustic sodium, polypropylene to acid and alkali resistance.

 PP yarn light resistance: polypropylene light resistance is poor, the thermal stability is also poor, easy to aging, no ironing. However, it is possible to increase its anti-aging performance by adding an anti-aging in the spinning. In addition, polypropylene insulation is good, but static electricity is easily generated.

The PP yarn has a superior performance of our lives, often used in production.

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