[Digital transformation capabilities have become the core kinetic energy of China Textile and Apparel]
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This year is the "14th Five-Year Plan" opening, on the basis of the initial completion of textile strong countries, how to achieve new across the industry is facing the urgent topics. The occurrence of the epidemic accelerated the digital process of the industry, and the support of digital economy in the industry's restrictions. Digital transformation capabilities have become the key to the current and future development of China's textile and apparel industry.

Huawei helps Taiping bird plug in "digital wings"

On September 6, Ningbo Taiping Bird Fashion Cloth Co., Ltd. officially joined Hi Huayi Technology Co., Ltd., signed a digital transformation of digital transformation and reform project in Huawei, according to the agreement, both parties will launch a deep cooperation in terms of commodity development, brand strategy, marketing. To promote the digital transformation of brand and industries, achieve cooperation and win-win, sustainable development, Huawei will open their own digital transformation and practice experience with Taiping bird, help Taiping birds again take off again.

The agreement shows that the strategic cooperation between the two sides is divided into three stages, combined with retail, channels, goods, finance, manpower, logistics and other scenes, will use Huawei's digital transformation practical experience, and realize the strength of both parties resources and capabilities. Among them, the first phase will be combed and unified, planned to transform the overall architecture, identification opportunities, and lay the foundation for the launch of subsequent projects; the second phase, through building a wisdom cloud, data 3, etc. The transformation project is in order to land; the third stage, continuously deepening the application, enhances process construction, and forms its own digital operation organization and talent channel. Finally form a benign closed loop from product development, operation to marketing, shorten the development cycle, improve product quality; enhance resource allocation, promote synergy between departments.

Zhang Jiangping, Chairman of Taiping Bird, said Huawei as a global landmark technology brand, digitally rooted into the gene development of enterprise development, Huawei's change road gave the transformation of Chinese companies and upgrades, is the benchmark of Taiping Bird learning Taiping bird hopes to help the Taiping bird grow out with Hua Ya's deep strategy, and fly over the hindrance, and finally Nirvana rebirth.

Textile machine enterprises accelerate "intellectual reform" and "touch net"

Accelerate a new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, explore more new models, and new states have become an important force in the spinning machinery.

Earlier this year, Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. "full process intelligent cotton splicing equipment and system" project successfully finally incorporates the list of digital models of state-owned enterprises. The project constructs data acquisition, data fusion, data storage, data analysis, data visible, data-visual, data, data, data, data, data, data, and data, etc. Taiwan, realize the intelligent order delivery management, intelligent process quality control, digital production process management, equipment health management and fast response to the workshop; build a new generation of intelligent textile equipment and system, achieving full process equipment intelligence, full Process logistics seamlessly, all process information flows with logistics synergies.

It has always been, and the weft spinning machinery is focused on the typical business scene of smart textile factory. Through the application of automation, information, digital, intelligent related technology, constructs a full process intelligent textile factory, and realizes the intelligent manufacturing demonstration of textile industry, and promotes the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

In the business model innovation of industrial Internet, Qingdao Texture Enterprises have begun to taste "sweet". As the first batch of explorations of the Spinnel Industry by "selling products" into "selling services" transformation, Qingdao Hongdao Machine has built a device remote operation and maintenance platform a few years ago. Since 2020, the epidemic has been limited to the flow of people, and the platform is increasingly recognized by customers. As of the first half of this year, customers who purchase the remote operation and maintenance platform have been twice the year last year.

"Number" activates Lanxi Textile Productivity

In the past few years, by the external market environment, the cost of factors, the rise of the Lanxi Textile Industry has once atrophy, and the industrial chain extension is blocked.

In 2017, the Lanxi Textile Industry was included in the first batch of traditional manufacturing renovations in Zhejiang Province provincial pilots. Changing the past roughing management business model, enhance technology and management have become a consensus of more and more enterprises, the Lanxi Municipal Party Committee and the enterprise have begun to seek digital transformation.

After years of new transformation, the productivity of Lanxi Textile Industry is activated by the "number". Data show that the 98% production equipment of 9 pilot enterprises in Lanxi has decreased by 9.8%, 1.6%, and 5.6%, respectively, and the error rate dropped by 2.4% by the original 2.4%. %, With an average increase of 12.3%. At 2021 China Textile Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Site, the digital transformation model of Lanxi Textile Industry has been praised by 3 Chinese Academy of Engineering. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chen Wenxing, principal of Zhejiang Institute of Technology, said that the smart manufacturing of Lanxi Textile Industry implements data interconnection, copied, can be promoted.

It is reported that digital transformation has networked each process equipment to achieve full process equipment data protocol acquisition and transmission. Enterprise managers and workers can monitor production status, push and receive production tasks in real time through equipment, mobile phones and bracelets. In this way, the production state can be managed in real time. The data can be recorded automatically, and the report can be automatically sorted, so that the workload of the statistician is reduced by 60%, and the production plan arrangement efficiency is 30%.

After the machine interconnection is interoperable, Xinhai Textile has a large-air-air compressor, no longer "silly" gas. It can "read" the demand for loom and supply it on demand. In this case, Xinhai Textile can save electricity bills by nearly 5 million yuan a year, and the company's production efficiency increases by 10%, and the energy consumption is 10%.

Xu Jianzhong, executive vice president of Zhejiang Wanzhou Holdings Group, has been greatly improved through intelligent transformation, the company's management level and economic benefits have been greatly improved. The comprehensive efficiency of loom is 2%, and the operating cost is 10%, and the energy consumption is 5%. Dropping 16.6%, the order delivery period is more than 5 days.

Sun Ruizhe, president of China Textile Industry Association, pointed out that digital technology and intelligence is becoming "new infrastructure" and "new energy" in the industry development. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the textile industry needs to surround high quality, high-efficiency, continuous stream, epitaxial, and make up the intelligent transformation, promote the integration of physical economic and digital economic integration, and fully promote the textile industry. "" And "number turn", cultivate new kinetic energy for economic high quality development, and accelerate high-end textile industry.

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