[Promote the construction of a strong manufacturing country and a network power, and help build a well-off society in an all-round way]
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This morning, the State Council Information Office held a press conference. Xiao Yaqing, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, introduced the relevant situation of "promoting the construction of a strong manufacturing country and a network power, and helping to build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way."

The current global epidemic situation is still severe. The external environment for the development of small, medium and micro enterprises is complicated, and uncertain and unstable factors have also increased significantly. Especially since the second quarter, some new situations and new problems faced by small, medium and micro enterprises have continued to take various forms. Show it. For example, rising raw material costs and increased logistics costs have greatly increased operating costs, and the lack of orders has affected the normal operation of enterprises, and the return of corporate funds has encountered obstacles. The difficulty of returning funds has increased, and the impact of epidemics in some places has been superimposed. , The impact of the flood season, these factors have exacerbated the operating difficulties of small, medium and micro enterprises.

   Xiao Yaqing introduced the four measures taken by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to help companies relieve their difficulties and promote the new development of small, medium, micro, specialized, and specialized. One is to further implement the policies that have been issued. The second is to strengthen the monitoring and policy research on the operation of SMEs. The third is to provide timely and professional services to enterprises, promote the improvement of the quality of SME development, vigorously cultivate public service demonstration platforms for SMEs, industrial Internet service platforms, and support SMEs to reduce costs and increase efficiency through digital transformation through government purchases of services . At the same time, it is necessary to give full play to the role of associations and chambers of commerce, and encourage the establishment of expert volunteer service groups and workstations in various regions to provide intellectual support for the innovation and entrepreneurship of small and medium-sized enterprises. Strengthen the employment guidance for small and medium-sized enterprises to alleviate the structural difficulties of some enterprises. The fourth is to further guide the enterprise's specialization and new development. Establish a gradient cultivation system for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises—specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprises—specialized and new "little giant" enterprises, and form a group of "single champions" or "supporting experts" who master unique skills. Through special funds for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, we will focus on guiding and supporting the high-quality development of national-level specialized and new "little giant" enterprises. It is also necessary to implement industrial infrastructure reengineering projects and carry out special actions to strengthen chains and supplement chains to support small and medium-sized enterprises to integrate into the supply chain, innovation chain, and value chain, play a greater role, and build an ecosystem of integrated development of large and small enterprises and coordinated and orderly development of upstream and downstream. In particular, it is necessary to formulate a list of "Practical Things for Specialized and New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises", and carry out actions such as "Ten Thousands of People Help Ten Thousand Enterprises", one company, one policy, precise cultivation, and help small and medium-sized enterprises to innovate and develop, especially those companies that are currently encountering difficulties. Innovation and development.

   Aiming at promoting the building of a strong manufacturing country, Xiao Yaqing emphasized that it is necessary to focus on technological self-reliance and self-reliance, and lay a solid battle for advanced industrial foundation and industrial chain modernization. Speed up the improvement of the technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, promote the in-depth integration of industry, university, research and application, and build a new type of industrial innovation ecology. Continue to build a national and provincial manufacturing innovation center. Build an efficient and interconnected manufacturing innovation network. Implement key core technology research projects, and strive to break through the "stuck neck" technical bottleneck. To improve the level of manufacturing, we must not only focus on large increments, focus on upgrading and transformation of stocks, but also focus on cultivating industries and industrial clusters with good growth potential, and further extend, expand and deepen the industrial chain. Through the implementation of traditional industrial technological transformation and upgrading projects, quality improvement actions, etc., the overall quality of the industry will be improved, and the “three products” of variety, quality and brand will be promoted.

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