[Shaoxing a company will take a wastewater treatment process into Shaoxing Market]
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A few days ago, the National Separation Film Standardization Technical Committee held the online standard project launching meeting. At the meeting, Zhejiang Jinshi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. officially launched the preparation of "Printing and Dyeing Waste Water Film Method Integrated Processing Equipment" National Standards.

"Jin Keqiao Technology" is a national high-tech enterprise, specializing in textile printing and dyeing, papermaking and other enterprises to provide sewage treatment, medium water reuse, zero emission overall solutions, and related operational managed services. In Keqiao Blue Print, more than 40 printing and dyeing enterprises such as "Yingfeng Shares" and "Huaxia Printing Dyeing" have established comprehensive cooperation.

The turbid wastewater is filtered through the curtain "film" made by the hollow fiber, which gradually became clear, and finally became clean water and can be used again. This is a magical sewage film showing a printing and dyeing plant in Keqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone. "This is the treatment of pollution film products we are tuned by Keqiao printing and dyed enterprises." "Tin Science and Technology", introduced that in the case of continuous improvement of wastewater discharge standards, the company will handle craftsmanship in 2012 In Shaoxing Market, contributing to the purification of printing and dyeing in Keqiao District.

It is reported that the company has always attached importance to scientific and technological innovation and standardization, with more than 10 independent research and development of industry leading technology, authorizing patents, won the first prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress, the 8th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Zhejiang Division) New Energy and Energy Saving Environmental Protection Industry Finals Growth Enterprise Group Way winners, have participated in the drafting national standards, 3 industry standards, 1 group standard.

"Printing Dyeing Waste Water Film Method Integrated Treatment Equipment" is the first national standard we bear as the editor, aims to unify and standardize the integrated equipment of the printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, improve printing and dyeing wastewater reuse, reduce pollutant emissions in printing and dyeing industries Quantity. "Tin Science and Technology", said that the company will take advantage of the "national standard" as an opportunity to make itself a super-flow film product, membrane system, membrane engineering provider.

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