[New Medical Protection Textile Industry Chain Sustainable Development Forum held in Foshan, Guangdong Province]
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23, 2021, "Lingnan Science Forum" series of activities - new industrial chain of medical Sustainable Development Forum held in protective textiles, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Forum to promote the Guangdong Provincial Medical Protective textiles industry chain theme of sustainable development, on how to improve the future development of medical protective textiles, new materials, new products and other topics in-depth discussion around innovation.

Guangdong Province is one of the health care industry, textiles province and an important export base, industry size and grade ranked in the forefront of the country. Guangdong Province, medical protective covers textile industry materials, medical (civilian) masks, protective clothing, gowns, surgical gowns, surgical drapes, surgical kits and so on. Since last year, the eastern, central and western, northern part of the rise of a number of conversions protective clothing and masks and non-woven substrates enterprises.

However, the traditional textile care only white coat, (doctors, nurses) cap, mask, gown, it is difficult to achieve "three refusals antibody" (ie, water repellency, blood, refuse alcohol and anti-static) of the basic standards ; new textile care bacteria, dust filter is high.

The experts pointed out that with the development of a new global crown pneumonia epidemic, and continue to spread the virus to mutate, we exposed the inadequate health care textile industry: the epidemic and public safety standards and features the fight against SARS protective equipment put forward higher requirements; high-tech textile care performance is also a serious shortage, in fact, our industry is still in its infancy; health care textiles exhibit more functionality, intelligent features.

Guangdong health care for the textile industry chain weaknesses and shortcomings, Chinese Academy of Engineering experts on international and domestic medical protective textiles prospective trends and technical requirements; experts Donghua University professor and well-known chemical fiber industry, describes the functions of the medical textiles develop and market application of new materials; Guangdong CDC experts on the requirements and problems of hospital infection and standards, specifications and licensing were analyzed.

Issued a "chain situation and development strategy of Guangdong Province medical protective textiles" on the forum. The report proposes to enhance the direction and goals of care textile industry chain in Guangdong Province, the establishment of industry research and innovation institutions and five key projects: strengthening the foundation of superior engineering, industrial engineering cluster, the standard strong chain engineering, engineering personnel security, public services and quality and increase efficiency projects. At the same time on collaborative innovation "political line of enterprise business school research" raised up the chain, ways and means up weaknesses.

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