[The polypropylene regenerated yarn is used in multiple fields!]
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Application of polypropylene regeneration yarn:

1, polypropylene regeneration yarn for civilian aspects: can do student clothing, elastic shirts, mosquito nets, socks, blankets, floccoli, liners, and filler materials, fiber materials for textiles and their alternatives (home daily textiles; textiles or plastics Curtains.) Decorative materials, can make curtains, sand release, carpet, luggage, strap, etc.

2, polypropylene regeneration yarn for health care, can replace the cotton gauze and have the advantages of non-sticky mouth.

3, polypropylene regeneration yarn for industrial and international aspects, can be made into ropes, marine cables, fishing net industrial filter cloth, geotextiles have been widely used in railways, roads, airports, tunnels, environmental protection and many other fields. Hanging belt, rope, web, tent and waterproof, textile or synthetic fiber material awning, sail, transportation and storage bulk material with sacks, etc.

Apopular regeneration yarn specification: 300D-1200D. Color: All kinds of colors can be produced or customized according to requirements.

Polypropylene regenerating yarn characteristics: The maximum advantage of polypropylene yarn is that the texture is light, its density is only 0.91 g / cm3. High strength: The relative intensity can reach 3-7.5 g / donation, the clothes made of polypropylene yarn are firmly durable, and the intensity requires high industrial use. Good elasticity: The backplane of the polypropylene can reach 90-100%, the light thermal stability is poor: the main defects in the polypropylene yarn are poor in light thermal stability, easy to aging, but through research and technical personnel at home and abroad, this problem has been resolved . Dyeing difference.

Polypropylene regeneration yarn use:

Due to the polymerization of polypropylene, it has opened up a wide range of uses at home and abroad.

Jinjiang Dako Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, where the "brand capital" Jinjiang, convenient transportation, 7 km from Jinjiang International Airport. The company is now covered by about 30 mu, with a building area of about 20000m2. It is a professional enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sales of polypropylene filaments.

Our company has a polypropylene FDY production line 20 and several supporting equipment. It mainly produces 300D-1200D polypropylene regeneration yarn, polypropylene color yarn, and gauze in polypropylene, with an annual output value of about 7,000 tons. Deco Textile adheres to the spirit of Jinjiang people to win, and has developed various colors, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, antibacterial, antistatic, anti-flame retardant functional fibers.

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