[2021 Xinjiang Cotton Industry Development Forum is in progress]
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2021 'ongoing Xinjiang's cotton industry development forum, the vice president of China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce Zhang Xian "China's textile and garment foreign trade situation analysis" in the title, from the domestic textile and apparel import and export of introduced, my country's imports and exports showed increasing trend.

Our January-August textile and garment exports mainly has the following characteristics, namely clothing dropped by the epidemic influence, my country's export growth in developed countries generally lower than the growth in exports to emerging markets. January-August exports to the US below the global average; for Japan, EU exports show a downward trend;, along exports to ASEAN "along the way" is growing rapidly. Second, apparel, home textiles regular exports of consumer goods increased significantly; the third is conventional export growth in clothing, home textiles and other obvious; Fourth, yarns, fabrics and other intermediate goods exports remained stable; Fifth masks a substantial decline in exports, resulting in a larger decline in textile exports.

Then Zhang Xian of the outstanding difficulties currently facing the industry made a brief introduction, he believes there are currently a few points, a Sino-US trade friction adverse effects of continuous fermentation, mainly for US buyers order to accelerate the transfer of part of the exports to the US has been US withheld so affected, the possibility of other countries involved in the implementation of Xinjiang limit increases; Second, my country's full corporate orders, profits have fallen sharply, Southeast Asia reflux orders, mainly for the high raw material prices, freight prices, tight capacity; RMB appreciation squeeze pressure export profits

Then vice president Zhang Xian of my country's exports of textiles and clothing has been forecast that the second half of my country's textile and garment export growth will be significantly lower than in the first half, mainly due to four points. The first half of last year the export base is relatively large. Second, the US fiscal stimulus waning, the EU and Japan market recovery is weak. Third, the major trends in international procurement market in China to gradually reduce the proportion of procurement, order reflux is only temporary, how long can return to work depends on the extent of the neighboring countries resume production in Vietnam in September and October starts are gradually increasing. Fourth, foreign demand for immunization supplies gradual decline, prices gradually lower, stimulating effect on the textile and garment exports are also getting smaller and smaller

Finally, Zhang Xian long-term competitive advantage of my country's textile and garment industry to do the analysis, he thinks first of all of my country's textile and garment industry has the world's most complete industrial chain foundation and support system. Secondly, there is a very large scale in the foreign trade market space, high-quality processing and management capabilities can greatly improve the quality of domestic trade, the high number of foreign trade in the factory standards and specifications compared to the domestic supply of plant, suitable for domestic high-end brands available. Finally, there are cost-effective, reputable products, new formats booming cross-border electricity providers and other epidemic on business models and consumer behavior had a profound impact.

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