[Shengze held the construction promotion of Textile Circular Economic Industry Park]
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Recently, Wujiang High-tech Zone (Shengze Town) held a Wusheng Textile Circular Economic Industrial Park Construction Promotion Association, Deputy Director, Secretary of the Party Work Committee of Wujiang High-tech Zone, Shengze Town Party Committee Secretary Shen Chunrong listened to the current situation, progress and problems encountered , Various departmental group batches, joint research to solve the next step, and strive to enter the park early in the city.

At the meeting, Hong Kong, director of the Shengze Town Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, reported on the latest progress of the Wujiang Textile Circular Estate Industrial Park and the current bottleneck problems; Wu Ligen, Director of the Shengze Town, reported on the road construction situation of Wujiang Textile Circular Economic Industry Park And forest land adjustment.

The Town Rural Work Authority, Natural Resources, Transportation Bureau, Administrative Service Bureau, "Sanzhi" Office, Water Treatment Development Co., Ltd., exchanges and other relevant personnel exchanges to discuss various progress in the industrial park.

In the Wujiang Textile Circular Economic Industry Park, 8 printing and dyeing enterprises have taken the land. At present, the industrial park supporting infrastructure has started construction, of which the sewage treatment plant has been completed by 27,000 tons / day engineering.

Shen Chun Rong pointed out that Shengze Town should play the role of the main body, actively strive, high-level coordination, to be scientific, reasonably set up the road framework, water system planning, water system planning, and underground pipe network, etc. in the industrial park, and promote the implementation of printing and dyeing; Enterprise gathering, refining the implementation of the implementation of "printing and dyeing enterprise agglomeration upgrade", speeding up the development of relocation policies, encouraging measures, etc. Reference.

Shen Chun Rong emphasized that the textile industry is Shengze's pillar industry, and it is also a beautiful business card. All relevant departments must list time nodes, exclude all difficulties, further combing and research, and accelerate the advancement of 8 printing and dyeing enterprises to enter the park to further promote tradition. Industry transformation and upgrading; to stand at a higher level, let the traditional industry glow youth, in accordance with the concept of "factory, scenic spots, community", and go all out to speed up the progress, and strive for substantial progress in the year.

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