[What kinds of aspects include the performance characteristics of the PP yarn?]
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Roles and ropes weaving with polypropylene yarn can be used for all kinds of luggage belts, travel bags, backpacks, laces, mobile phone suspenders, etc.

The performance characteristics of the polypropylene yarn  have the following aspects:

Morphology: The vertical surface of the polypropylene is smooth, and the cross section is circular;

Density: The greatest advantage of polypropylene is that the texture is light, and its density is only 0.91 g / cm3 is a common medium density in common chemical fibers.

Strongness: The strength of polypropylene is high, extended, and the initial modulus is high, and the elasticity is excellent. Therefore, the polypropylene wear resistance is good. In addition, the moisture of polypropylene is basically equal to strength.

Moisture and dyeness: hygroscopicity of polypropylene is small, almost unhelax, and the tide rate under normal atmosphere is close to zero. However, it has a core suction, and water vapor can be transmitted through the capillary in the fabric, which is not affordable.

Acid to alkali resistance: polypropylene has better chemical resistance, except for concentrated nitric acid, concentrated caustic sodium, polypropylene and alkali resistance performance.

Night resistance: polypropylene light resistance, poor thermal stability, easy aging, no ironing. However, the anti-aging properties can be improved by adding an anti-aging in spinning. In addition, polypropylene insulation is good, but static electricity is easily generated.

What is the advantage of polypropylene yarn ?

The advantage of the polypropylene yarn  is light texture, and its density is only 0.91 g / cm3 is a common variety of varieties in chemical fibers, so the same weight of polypropylene can be higher than the higher coverage area of other fibers.

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