[In-depth promotion of school-enterprise cooperation, help traditional textile industries transformation and upgrading]
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Located in Xiuzhou District, Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City, Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing, and the School of Materials and Textile Engineering, Signed a production and research cooperation agreement, and will delve into the school-enterprise cooperation, continuously accelerate scientific and technological innovation and technical progress, helping Wang Jiangxi Town Traditional Textile Industry transformation and upgrading.

At the signing exchange meeting, Jiaxing City Xiuzhou District Tianle Chamber of Commerce and Jiaxing College Materials and Textile Engineering introduced their basic situation, and the details of cooperative exchanges and technology development were discussed. After the meeting, the participants also visited the Experimental Center of Materials and Textile Engineering, Jiaxing College.

It is reported that both sides will sign as a starting point in this agreement. In a variety of forms, we will jointly promote comprehensive technical cooperation in enterprises and scientific research institutions, forming professional, disciplines, industries, enterprises to promote each other, and strive to achieve "science and education cooperation "New situation. The School of Materials and Textile Engineering, Jiaxing, will give play to the technology, human resources, and advanced and proven technical results, using the production conditions of Tianle Textile Industry Park, and transform scientific research results into productivity as soon as possible.

"The Tianle Textile Industry Park started early, the textile technology content was not high, we hope to sign a contract as an opportunity with this cooperation, invite experts from our company to consult, send technical consultants, and actively support traditional textile products to improve quality, and develop new products. Increased scientific and technological content. "Xu Longgen, president of Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City full of confidence, hoping to help Tianle Textile Enterprises resolve the technical bottleneck in transformation and upgrading with Jiaxing College Materials and Textile Engineering.

"We will give full play to the advantages of university science and technology teams, providing technical support and technical cooperation for traditional textile products, providing technical support and technology, so that our industrial and refrigeration technology is transformed into new results and new productivity in production practice, promoting enterprises. Sustainable development. "The Dean of Jiaxing College Materials and Textile Engineering Militan said that they will actively explore new paths in terms of construction, talent education, standard formulation, etc., and build a new model of school enterprises.

The textile industry is the traditional pillar industry in Wang Jiangxi. In recent years, Wang Jiangjing Town has increased its investment as a start-up point, with the introduction of new technologies, and fully implements "Science and Education Town" strategy. In order to encourage companies to increase scientific and technological investment, the town increases the reward for enterprises in school enterprises, establishing R & D centers, new product development, encouraging companies to carry out technological changes, and establishing industries that provide services for small and medium-sized textile companies Innovative platform, attracting high-end innovation elements such as R & D, design, talents, accelerated, and promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional textile industry in Wangjiang Town.

"The signing cooperation is a positive exploration that the textile enterprises will actively make the initiative to adapt to the social and economic development situation. Next, I hope that the two sides can actively explore the content of resources, talents and other content in cooperation, and create new school enterprises. Surface. "Shen Yiting, member committee member of Wang Jiangyu Town, said.

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