[Digital transformation, empowering industries to upgrade and upgrade with "big data +"]
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At present, Nantong City is striving to promote the intelligent transformation and digital transformation of the home textile industry, and use "big data +" to empower the industry to upgrade and upgrade.

Walking into the printing workshop of Nantong Xinjian Digital Printing Co., Ltd., one after another high-performance digital printing equipment is running rapidly, especially this 12-color wide-format digital printing machine, which is not only fast, but also has outstanding color processing capabilities.

In the past two years, the newly-built digital printing has continued to promote technological transformation, adding more than 40 intelligent and digital equipment, with a daily production capacity of over 50,000 meters, ranking the forefront of the industry. The new production model of "small batches, individualization, and rapid response" formed after the equipment upgrade has also effectively solved the problems of labor shortages caused by the epidemic.

Strengthen the "intelligent transformation and digital transformation" to boost the upgrading of traditional home textiles. Last year, Nantong Home Textiles Industry Integration Center was established in Nantong, which independently developed an industrial Internet platform for the entire textile industry chain, and used new technology models such as big data and artificial intelligence to help enterprises improve production and management efficiency. Taking Lansiyu Home Textiles as an example, through the industrial Internet platform, the whole process from sales order to finished product storage has been realized electronically. At present, the daily production capacity of the company can reach 3,000 sets, a year-on-year increase of nearly 10%.

Not only the production side, but also the sales side is also working hard. In a cloud warehouse in Dieshiqiao, a wonderful live delivery of goods is going on. This cloud warehouse has powerful data analysis and integration capabilities, which can effectively improve the timeliness and accuracy of delivery. At present, our city is relying on professional Internet platforms such as 91 Home Textiles Network and Zhuangjia Textile.com to vigorously develop new business formats and models such as cloud warehouses and live broadcasts, and make every effort to open up the circulation links to help enterprises expand sales channels and connect procurement resources in the post-epidemic era.

The latest data shows that the online sales of home textile products in our city are showing a trend of rapid development, and the growth rate has exceeded that of offline sales. In the next step, Internet giants such as Ali and Jingdong will carry out in-depth cooperation with our city to help Nantong Home Textiles plug in the "digital" wings and continue to grow bigger, stronger and better.

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