[Regarding the introduction of PP yarn, let's take a look at its advantages!]
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What is PP yarn?

The chemical molecules of polypropylene yarn are also very different and are composed of polypropylene fibers.

PP yarn has good heat resistance, and its density is only 0.91g/cm3, which is the lighter variety of common chemical fibers, so the same weight of polypropylene fiber can obtain a higher coverage area than other fibers.

Regarding the introduction of polypropylene yarnlet's talk about its advantages.

polypropylene yarnfeatures:

1. polypropylene yarn shape: The longitudinal surface of polypropylene is straight and smooth, and the cross-section is circular.

2. PP yarn density: The biggest advantage of polypropylene is that it is light in texture, and its density is only 0.91g/cm3, which is the lighter variety of common chemical fibers.

3. PP yarn strength and elongation: polypropylene yarn has high strength, long elongation, high initial modulus and excellent elasticity. So polypropylene has good abrasion resistance. In addition, the wet strength of polypropylene yarn is basically equal to the dry strength.

4. polypropylene yarn hygroscopicity and dyeability: The hygroscopicity of polypropylene fiber is very small, almost no moisture absorption, and the moisture regain under normal atmospheric conditions is close to zero. But it has a wicking effect and can transmit water vapor through the capillaries in the fabric, without any absorption by itself.

5. PP yarn is resistant to acid and alkali: Polypropylene has good chemical resistance. Except for concentrated nitric acid and concentrated caustic soda, polypropylene has good resistance to acid and alkali.

6. Lightfastness of PP yarn: Polypropylene has poor lightfastness, poor thermal stability, easy aging, and is not resistant to ironing. But it can improve its anti-aging performance by adding anti-aging agent during spinning. In addition, polypropylene has good electrical insulation, but it is easy to generate static electricity during processing.

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