[How to promote the transformation and upgrading of textile industry?]
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The traditional industry is the basic disk of Anyang's economic development, which should not only be stable, but also be full of new vitality and competitiveness. We must strengthen our confidence and resolve in transformation and development, unswervingly follow the path of innovation-driven and transformational development, and continuously upgrade the level of modernization of the industrial chain.

To promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, we must rely on scientific and technological innovation and institutional innovation. Innovation is the primary driving force for development and the strategic underpinning for building a modern economy. The twelfth Party Congress of the city put forward the goal of building "a strong city" and realizing "eight leading", and the regional leading of scientific and technological innovation ability ranked the first among the "eight leading". In any city support science and technology innovation policy, to form a municipal specialization, "new" small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) foster library, or the province's first to carry out the industrial science and technology correspondent send action, are proved, grasp innovation is the development, seeks the innovation is for the future, only innovation can firmly in their own hands the core technology, the problem of "their".

To promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, we need to strengthen and improve the real economy.  Manufacturing is the main body of the real economy, and there is no natural gap between traditional industries and strategic emerging industries. The CITY has a long history of industrial development and a good foundation. The traditional manufacturing industries such as steel, coking and textile are still the main body of the city's current real economy. Only by strengthening the leading position of competitive industries, accelerating transformation and upgrading, and constantly moving from the low-end to the medium-high end of the industrial chain through technological and industrial innovation can the manufacturing industry move up. To the standard "Anyang steel can not be lost, to do a good job in steel this article" "promote coking to extend downstream" requirements, the city to accelerate the integration of the steel industry, vigorously develop superior special steel, focus on improving the added value of products, enhance industrial competitiveness, promote fine steel and deep processing billions of leading industries continue to grow; We will do intensive processing of coke oven gas and coal tar by-products, continue to increase the proportion and added value of non-coke products, and promote the development of fine industrial industries in the direction of large-scale and group development.

To promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, we need to develop brand effect. Brand influence is an important support for industrial competitiveness. A good brand can drive the rapid development of the whole industrial chain, thus accelerating the transformation and upgrading of related industries. Our city has a good textile industry foundation, what is lacking is the "stepping stone" to the market. To the standard "textile and clothing is the key to solve the problem of the brand" requirements, the city to implement the brand drive project, do strong advantages, do fine characteristics, do excellent brand, to create a number of well-known products, well-known enterprises, well-known brands, improve market share. To Baizhuang industrial city integration demonstration park, printing and dyeing industrial park and other prominent advantages of the industrial park as the support, to high-end, brand-oriented, to build textile, weaving, accessories, printing and dyeing, clothing processing, professional market, e-commerce whole industrial chain, accelerate the cultivation of independent brands and core competitiveness of the textile and clothing industry.

Only the reformer advances, only the innovator is strong. Struggle of the horns have sounded, the whole city must build up your confidence, insist on high quality development advocate tone, deepen the reform, continue to promote transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and devoting to incoming, bear as, in order to promote the city economy to a steady positive development, meet the need of a better life, people create a brighter future for anyang contribution strength.

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