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How to find a breakthrough in the traditional industry and build a new height in the textile industry? "Intelligent direction is the way we must go." Shandong Hengli Textile Technology Co., LTD. General manager Liu Linming said.

Shandong Hengli Textile is located in Yongan Street, Zhoucun District. It is a scientific and technological modern textile enterprise which develops and produces high-grade environment-friendly functional fabrics. Through intelligent transformation, Hengli Textile has built the world's largest research and development and production base of sports function fabrics, with an annual output of 150 million meters of high-grade environment-friendly fabrics and an annual sales volume of 1.3 billion yuan.

In shandong, textile technology co., LTD., the wisdom of the production workshop, the workshop within the latest intelligent monitoring platform of the production data of yield and energy consumption, production efficiency has carried on the real time digital rendering, thanks to the digital intelligent upgrade project of the enterprise, hani textile products from the traditional fabric also transition to a new high functional fabrics. Through the information and intelligent management and control system, the company has realized intelligent production such as product simulation design, automatic production scheduling, production process monitoring and quality online monitoring from the aspects of design, production, sales and maintenance. The company's orders have doubled.

In the first half of this year, hani textiles on the basis of the first phase of the project, the construction of composite workshop and its supporting structures, new composite process 16 sets of equipment and other auxiliary equipment, and invites domestic and foreign advanced technology research and development personnel, top test equipment of form a complete set, the original functional diversity and promote innovation on the company, And gradually build their own technical innovation research and development team, further improve the enterprise's modernization, information, intelligent level, help Hengli textile become a collection of research and development, production, marketing in one of the energy saving and environmental protection high-grade high-quality fabric base and global demonstration base.

Textile now, already has a number of key world "their" technology, the enterprise now has 5700 square meters of research and development center, with the French decathlon, Columbia, the world famous enterprises, such as Sweden ikea set up a partnership, and the decathlon company besides France headquarters only a global research and development base, 70% of Decathlon's functional fabrics are produced by Hengli Textile. And all functional fabrics used in the production of grey cloth almost all from environment-friendly yarn.

"Green yarn we are mainly divided into two parts, the first part is recycled yarn, which means we take the plastic pieces as raw materials for green recycling, another is by dope dyeing, also is what we usually call color yarn, we put the dyeing stage, in advance to the yarn process, in the dyeing stage saves a lot of water and electricity." Shandong Hengli textile technology Co., Ltd. digital project leader Li Zhenyu introduced.

There are more than 500 silk textile enterprises in Zhoucun District, but most of them are small and micro enterprises. In order to accelerate the transformation of small and micro enterprises from family workshops to modern enterprises, Zhoucun District has planned and built a silk textile industrial park to facilitate the transformation and development of traditional textile enterprises.

Technical transformation is the only way to transform and upgrade traditional industries. Through intelligent, digital and green transformation, the employment cost of the enterprise is greatly reduced, the efficiency of the enterprise is increased, and the enterprise is helped to achieve a high-quality development, overcome the constraints of human and financial resources, and promote the enterprise to continue to grow bigger and stronger. "Now we mainly carry out special loans for technical improvement, loan discounts and subsidies for equipment and software purchase." Zhoucun District industry and information Bureau investment development section chief Ma Jianping said.

So far, 55 enterprises in Zhoucun District have been recommended to apply for the special loan for technical transformation, and 19 have been implemented, obtaining 233 million loans, which has played a great role in the technological transformation of enterprises.

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