[China's autonomous research and development "can't burn the cargo" official application]
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On August 24, the reporter learned from the information Office of SINOPEC that SINOPEC Yizzheng Chemical fiber "YITOS" summer flame retardant anti-static electrical clothing has achieved mass production for the first time, and has been put into use in some related posts exposed to flammable and explosive media. The work of the summer USES is independent research and development of yizheng chemical flame retardant anti-static fabrics, the main material is known as the "bullet opaque, fire won't burn" para aramid, successfully broke the foreign flame-retardant antistatic clothing fabric technology monopoly for a long time, China's petroleum and petrochemical industries such as workers wearing more comfortable, more cost-effective nature of flame-retardant antistatic clothing.

The garment fabric is a new high-tech intrinsically-flame retardant product developed by utilizing the intrinsically-flame retardant characteristics of fiber, with high quality characteristics such as flame retardant and heat insulation. When encountering an open flame, the flame retardant characteristics of the fiber itself play an immediate role. The burning part carbonizes rapidly without melting, dripping or piercing, and immediately extinguishes itself after leaving the fire source, which is to achieve the effect of "not burning". At the same time, carbon barrier protection is formed rapidly through carbonization, which can prevent further damage of heat energy to human body, and effectively protect workers from open fire or heat source.

The fabric not only has strong flame retardant and heat insulation properties, but also has excellent comfort and friendly dyeing properties. There is no obvious difference between wearing this fabric and ordinary clothes.

Previously, blended fabrics with flame retardant additives were widely used in the domestic petrochemical industry to prepare flame retardant and anti-static clothing. The flame retardant and anti-static performance of this kind of clothing would gradually lose with the increase of washing and wearing times, and the protective performance would decrease. Or use imported fabric to prepare flame retardant anti-static electrical clothing, which has good protective performance, but poor comfort and color fastness to light, and high price, so it is difficult to be widely promoted.

For solving this problem, since 2020, guided by sinopec project safety supervision department and full participation, joint sinopec yizheng chemical company labor protective equipment testing center and other units, lasted more than a year the joint research, using the characteristics of the flame retardant para aramid fiber such as nature, successfully developed the summer flame retardant anti-static fabrics, flame retardant tooling and made into summer. In the protection of high performance at the same time, comfort, fastness to the sun have been greatly improved.

At present, the first batch of work clothes are equipped in SINOPEC Maoming Petrochemical, Qilu Petrochemical, Hainan Refining and Chemical, Yizheng Chemical Fiber and other units.

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