[Keqiao Textile Innovation service Organization enables high quality development of textile industry]
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Keqiao District is committed to creating the first-class R&D and innovation source of modern textile technology in China. At present, it has gathered 21 textile innovation service institutions, including the provincial Modern Textile Technology Innovation Center (Jianhu Laboratory), the provincial modern textile industry innovation service complex and other high-level platforms.

In the face of the bottleneck problem, only by the enterprise alone, it is inevitable to fall into the information is not smooth, difficult to sound the dilemma. Relying on various kinds of textile innovation service institutions and platforms, promote the synergistic linkage and win-win cooperation of innovation factors, which can solve the difficulties and problems that are difficult for individual enterprises to overcome, help improve the core competitiveness of textile enterprises, and accumulate potential and energy for the high-quality development of the textile industry.

As China Textile City has a huge market cluster, rich textile products and advanced textile information, institutions and enterprises in the promotion and development of textile and creative industries and other aspects of a profound basis for cooperation and huge cooperation potential. Whether it is a fabric developer or a clothing brand, through the deep collaboration between industry chain participants, the innovation ability of enterprises will surely shift from the optimization of their own resources to the integration of system resources, so as to achieve open innovation with comprehensive competitive advantages.

The textile innovation service organization gathers the research and development teams of domestic universities, foreign high-end innovative talents, as well as the international fabric trend analysis, fashion show and other resources, can provide textile enterprises from fabric to production, testing, release of the whole chain of services. We should focus on fostering new drivers of growth and restoring traditional drivers of growth. We should follow the guidance of the government, the main role of enterprises, and all kinds of textile innovation service institutions to build an efficient platform for interconnection, co-creation and sharing of industrial clusters, and promote the synergistic linkage and win-win cooperation of innovation factors.

We should focus on industrial development, actively carry out project docking activities, vigorously promote the development of technology in various fields, and effectively solve the "bottleneck" technical problems encountered in the process of enterprise innovation. It is necessary to strengthen two-way interaction, explore the contents of innovative new technology application, branding and fashion construction in the textile field, promote the exchange and cooperation between textile industry clusters, enhance the overall strength and brand image of industrial clusters, and boost the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry.

Relying on the unique advantages of "industry + market", Keqiao has formed a complete industrial chain from PTA to weaving, dyeing and finishing, clothing and home textiles. In the new period of high quality development of textile industry, it is very important to strengthen the resource link and collaborative innovation of the upstream and downstream of the textile printing and dyeing industry chain. Based on key areas such as new textile materials, fashion high-end fabrics and apparel, intelligent textile equipment, and centering on the direction of collaborative innovation, market operation and incubation, we should actively construct systems such as technological innovation services, government-industry-university-research collaboration, and industrial innovation ecology, so as to provide full-chain services for the innovation and development of textile enterprises.

We expect more innovative service organizations, especially high-level platforms to settle in Keqiao. By combining intelligence and technology, we will constantly stimulate innovation power, improve innovation ability, enhance innovation vitality, highlight innovation synergy, and create innovation results, so as to contribute to the high-quality development of Keqiao textile industry.

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