[Learn about the advantages of polypropylene light body yarn!]
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Because polypropylene has many excellent properties and low cost, so polypropylene light body yarn has opened up a wide range of uses at home and abroad.

1, polypropylene light body yarn for civil use: can be used for student clothing, elastic underwear, mosquito net, socks, blankets, cotton, padding and filling materials, textile fiber raw materials and substitutes (household textiles; Curtains of textile or plastic.) Decorative materials, can be used as curtains, sand release, carpet, bags, suspenders and so on.

2, polypropylene light body yarn used in medical and health, can replace cotton yarn, and has the advantage of non-stick wound.

3, polypropylene light body yarn used in industry and international aspects, can be made into rope, Marine cable, fishing net industrial filter cloth, geotextile has been widely used in railway, highway, airport, tunnel, environmental protection and many other fields. Lifting straps, ropes, nets, tents and tarpaulins; Awnings, sails, sacks for transport and storage of bulk goods, etc., of textile or synthetic fibre materials.

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