[Keqiao Textile enterprises with "specialized and specialized" to promote the industry high quality development]
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Recently, China National Textile Industry Council released the third batch of "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized textile enterprises list, Keqiao District "Baospinning Dyeing" and "Lambeni textile" were successfully selected, highlighting the innovation ability and development vitality of small and medium-sized textile enterprises in Keqiao District.

As the main body of the textile industry, smes are an important force for creating jobs, improving people's wellbeing, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, and maintaining creativity and resilience. In ORDER TO FURTHER IMPROVE THE PROFESSIONAL ABILITY AND LEVEL OF THE majority of small AND medium-sized enterprises, enhance the core competitiveness, and promote the integrated development of large and medium-sized enterprises, China National Textile Industry Council has carried out the work of "specialized, fine, special and new" cultivation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the textile industry. After ENTERPRISE DECLARATION AND association RECOMMENDATION, field investigation, audit and other procedures, the third batch of textile industry "special special new" small and medium-sized enterprises list was announced recently.

As one of the leading export enterprises in Keqiao District, Zhejiang Baofang Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. has been deeply committed to the African market for 20 years, adhering to the concept of green environmental protection and taking the road of differentiated development. Today, the company's imitation batik printed fabrics sell well in the African market, especially its registered "Baofang" and "African Star" trademarks have become a hot local well-known brand. At the same time, "BAOfang Printing AND dyeing" pay special attention to the construction of corporate culture, into "BAOfang printing and dyeing", as if into the garden workshop, park factory, community home, the strong workforce has also injected continuous power for the company's innovation and development.

"Lambeni Textile" was founded in Puning, Guangdong Province in 1994, set up a branch in Shengze, Jiangsu Province in 2002, set up a factory in Keqiao in 2013, and set up factories in Shengze and Foshan in 2017 and 2019. The industrial chain is rooted in the east coast, integrating product research and development, weaving and sales. Located in zhejiang lang KeQiao benitez textile technology co., LTD., shoulder the important task of innovation, in the company for many years deep plain coloured fabrics on the basis of integrated innovation, especially around the use of natural fiber materials and new materials, to develop tencel blended yarn, T/R with wool, graphene, volcanic rocks and a series of natural, science and technology, new products of green, Lead the company to transform from traditional second-tier market to brand customers and cross-border e-commerce. In recent years, the company has been successfully selected into the national differential fiber product development base, a refreshing journey is underway.

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