[Zhejiang "textile city" foreign trade heat heating "artifact" popular in Europe]
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As winter approaches in the northern hemisphere, heating equipment exports across China are reaching a peak. Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province is home to China Textile City, the largest professional market for cloth in Asia, and has fostered textile industries such as socks, ties and umbrellas. Recently, the city electric blanket, blanket, leggings and other textile category heating "artifact" popular Europe and other places.

Circuit board production, heating sheet processing, over temperature protection test...... Walking into the workshop of Zhejiang Lvmeng Health Technology Co., Ltd. in Yuecheng, Shaoxing, workers are busy producing electric heating products.

The company focuses on producing hundreds of flexible heating products such as electric blanket, heating scarf, heating quilt, 99% of the products are sold to the United States, Europe and other countries and regions. The peak production season usually ends in September, but the company is still seeing a lot of return orders from Europe.

"In Europe, it's mostly regular customers adding orders." Zhang Haoyang, the company's chairman, said in an interview that the company has been growing orders by 20% to 30% a year, with export sales to Europe of about $6.3 million so far this year.

According to Zhang Haoyang, the so-called "flexible" means that it can be bent and folded, such as the textile fabric incorporated into many electric heating products. As the articles in direct contact with human body, the safety control of heating products is particularly important. Reporters in the production workshop to see that the product in the production process at least 8 safety testing.

Shaoxing is a major textile city with unique advantages in textile resources. And Zhejiang Ningbo, Yiwu and other foreign trade cities, a lot of textile related or pure textile warm products orders also accelerated into Shaoxing enterprises.

"Exports this year are up 50 percent from last year." Shaoxing Qixi Import and Export Co., LTD., located in Shaoxing Keqiao, focuses on the export of blankets, bathrobes, pullovers, cushions and other 9 kinds of home textile products, 95% of the products are sold to the Nordic large supermarket groups, the company's general manager Hu Bin interviewed frankly, "alone these two days will send dozens of containers".

Hu Bin said that among all the goods exported by the company this year, blanket products have the largest sales volume, with more than 16 million blankets exported so far this year.

Hot overseas heating "magic" also involves socks and other subdivisions. Shaoxing Zhuji Datang is "the hometown of Chinese hosiery industry", known as "Datang hosiery machine ring, a pair of socks in the world". In Datang, fleece leggings, which used to be popular in China, unexpectedly sold well in Europe and the United States this year.

"Ninety percent of our sales are to Europe, mainly Germany." Zhuji City Aishanglin knitting Co., Ltd. focuses on the production of fleece leggings. Lou Xuesong, the head of the company, said in an interview that since this year, fleece leggings have been exported more than 3 million pieces, and the number of orders has been significantly increased compared with previous years.

"In the past, the export of thin velvet and velvet products are more, this year the order of adding velvet increased significantly, many customers clearly require the use of thick velvet in the design of products." "Lou said.

As well as fleece leggings, the number of traditional cotton socks exported from Datang to the European and American markets has also increased significantly this year. Take Zhuji Haina Knitting Technology Co., LTD as an example. From January to August this year, the company's self-export was 113 million yuan, up 59.9 percent year on year, among which socks exported to Germany accounted for more than 70 percent.

Shaoxing's exports of heating equipment such as electric blankets and heaters to the European Union increased 2.6 times year-on-year in the first August of this year, according to Shaoxing Customs.

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