[Keqiao Shared Living Room for foreign Trade: Give play to the magnetic attraction effect of shared living room for foreign trade]
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Recently, the first foreign trade sharing living room in the province - Keqiao District foreign trade sharing living room was officially inaugurated. The FOREIGN trade sharing PARLOR WILL PROVIDE COMPREHENSIVE SERVICES such AS PARTY BUILDING, public welfare, business, TRAINING and consultation for more than 6000 foreign trade enterprises and their employees around them.

Keqiao has the largest professional textile market in Asia. One third of the country's and one fourth of the world's textiles are traded in China Textile City, and the sales network covers 192 countries and regions. Behind this achievement, more than 30,000 business households in China's light textile city played an important role, among which more than 90% are small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households. Based on the characteristics of industrial agglomeration and enterprise cluster, the establishment of "foreign trade sharing living room" in the cluster area of commercial buildings can effectively meet the needs of enterprises to "do business nearby", and truly extend the service enterprises to the "last meter".

A first-class business environment is not only the key to stimulating the vitality of market entities, but also a window to demonstrate the effectiveness of government services. "Foreign trade sharing parlor" can not only unite the majority of foreign trade enterprises to develop together, share resources, win-win interests, promote the quality and efficiency of foreign trade; In addition, it can provide comprehensive and efficient international trade services, attract more foreign trade enterprises to enter the cluster area, and help build "the province's best business environment zone".

In the construction of "foreign trade sharing living room", we should adhere to the service concept of independence, openness, co-construction and sharing, integrate resources in a larger space, let resource elements coupling through the platform, and produce a multiplier effect. It can attract more legal, financing, mediation, insurance, logistics and other units to settle in the foreign trade sharing parlor, and regularly carry out policy interpretation, business training, legal services, insurance claims, freight services and other activities, forming a new ecology of extensive consultation, joint construction and shared services.

A good platform can play a strong magnetic absorption effect in the "double recruitment double primer". It is necessary to optimize service measures, enrich service contents, innovate service forms, use drip irrigation service and fine management, and build the foreign trade sharing living room into a beautiful "window" of the optimal business environment. On the basis of the reform of "one door, one network, one time", we break through the conventional thinking of government service of the counter window type, adopt the layout of "sitting room", create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, and provide the intimate service of the whole life cycle for foreign trade enterprises and business people.

Focusing on the high-frequency demand and common demand of foreign trade enterprises, and making continuous efforts on digital empowerment can help foreign trade enterprises realize digital transformation and sustainable development, and accelerate the formation of a new development pattern of "double cycle". We should adhere to digital power, reform and integration, do a good job in the "textile + digital" article, help foreign trade enterprises strengthen credit management, revitalize operating funds, leverage overseas orders, effectively solve a number of foreign trade enterprises highly concerned about the blocking points and difficult problems, and further enhance the reputation of foreign trade sharing room.

Business environment means productivity, and improving business environment means unleashing productivity and enhancing competitiveness. We look forward to the "foreign trade sharing living room" to help foreign trade enterprises in the international operation, help Keqiao textile and garment industry cluster to pursue the dream of the "14th Five-Year" new journey.

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