[The fifth China International Import Expo opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center]
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The fifth China International Import Expo (CIIE) opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on November 5. Fortune 500 companies and more than 280 industry leaders showed off a large number of new products with their global debut, Asian debut and China debut. Among them, many textile and apparel enterprises have entered the consumer goods exhibition area, innovation incubation exhibition area and comprehensive exhibition area, competing with the global fashion and luxury pioneers.

This time, for the world's new and old friends, Connie Group and CIIE official jointly launched the fifth anniversary of the CIIE VIP custom of the best pure cashmere scarf. Among them, the "natural and delicate" scarf, made of soft, waxy and smooth wool, is also the exclusive scarf worn by CIIE volunteers. The "Youth and Vitality" scarf is made of looped yarn for an interesting look. The two joint yarn scarf patterns are designed as the silhouette of "Jinbao" at the CIIE. They are lovely and playful, and are a beautiful scenery line in the CIIE Cultural Innovation Hall.

In addition, Connie Group launched the first anti-bacterial and anti-virus high-end cashmere yarn, which is made of high-quality cashmere fiber unique to Asia and is produced in the world's first intelligent, digital, black light and unmanned wool textile industry chain factory by using the innovative patented technology of Connie Group.

JNC: Exclusive nano cashmere fabric

In order to meet the requirements of global customers for cashmere products, JNC Company has spent four years to successfully develop a new non-stick oil and grease nanomaterial and applied it in cashmere fabric, making the original ordinary fabric with the magical three anti-corrosion functions -- waterproof, oil-proof and anti-fouling. Tested by the authoritative third party, the water resistance can reach level 3-4 (a total of 5 levels). The successful development of nano cashmere fabric has achieved a bottleneck breakthrough in the care, washing and maintenance of cashmere products, which not only brings light and warm body feeling to consumers, but also perfectly combines high added value with high use value.

HeiQ: Global launch of wearable probiotics

As a leader in material and textile innovation, HeiQ has developed advanced technologies that are effective, durable and high-performance, including eco-friendly polyester speed dyeing, high touch technology of silk fibers, and sliding friction reduction technology. This year for the first time to participate in the CIIE, brought the world's first wearable probiotic products.

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