[Recycled yarn breakthrough, the production of high quality recycled yarn]
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Valerius360 and Trutzschler have collaborated on a groundbreaking collaborative project aimed at producing high-quality recycled yarn that has great potential to move the textile industry in a more sustainable direction.

Founded in 2017 and based in Barcelos, Portugal, Valerius360 produces yarn by recycling waste from its own spinning and knitting processes. This keeps more materials in the economic cycle for longer and reduces waste, making an important contribution to sustainable development. Recently, experts at Valerius360 launched an ambitious new project with the goal of improving the quality of yarns made from recycled waste fibers. But dealing with recycled fiber is tricky in many ways, for example, reducing fabric to fiber results in a loss of quality.

Trutzschler has the innovative technology and extensive experience to support the spinning mill's use of recycled waste fibers, with a deep understanding of the critical role that fibers and the spinning preparation stage play in determining the final yarn quality. In collaboration with Valerius360, the possibility of making the Valerius 360 project a success was explored.

The team at Valerius 360 wanted to find ways to improve the process of yarn made from 50% recycled cotton and 50% raw cotton (Ne30). In particular, they are looking for ways to reduce the number of thick and thin spots that affect the surface appearance of textiles.

Special tests have been carried out at the trtzschler Technical Centre in Moenchengladbach, and the results show that the direct spinning process is much better for this application than the process of spinning cup yarns using a drawing frame channel.

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