[The 6th China Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage Conference was opened]
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Intangible cultural heritage is a testimony of a nation's culture and civilization, the crystallization of people's daily life for thousands of years, and contains thoughts on life and the world. This year's Intangible Cultural Heritage Conference has reactivated traditional skills and opened up a new imagination space for traditional art. Inheritance and innovation can make culture more alive, more vivid, more valuable, and endure for thousands of years.

On the evening of December 26th, the opening ceremony of the 6th China Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage Conference was held in Gaoyang County, Baoding City, Hebei Province, since then, for three days, hosted by the China National Textile Industry Federation, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Hebei Province and the Baoding Municipal People's Government, and undertaken by the Intangible Cultural Heritage Office of the China Textile Federation and the People's Government of Gaoyang County, the 6th China Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage Conference officially kicked off with the theme of "Building an Integrated Development Ecosystem of Urban and Rural Integration of Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage". Kunqu opera masters took the stage to perform for the magnificent opening of this conference.

The conference leads the new development of local industries

Chen Weikang, deputy secretary of the party committee of China National Textile and Apparel Council, emphasized in his speech that the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the strategic goal of building Chinese-style modernization, emphasizing the promotion of China's excellent traditional culture and comprehensively promoting rural revitalization, and forming a new situation of integrated urban and rural development. The China National Textile and Apparel Council will gradually tilt the focus of intangible cultural heritage work to urban and rural areas and focus on building an integrated development ecosystem of textile intangible cultural heritage, hoping that through the successful holding of the 6th China Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage Conference, with more powerful measures and gathering more powerful forces, comprehensively promote textile intangible cultural heritage to help rural revitalization.

He said that the China Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage Conference has been successfully held for five sessions since 2017 and has received great attention and support from all walks of life and the media. The 6th China Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage Conference was held in Gaoyang County, Baoding City, Hebei Province, which was a like-minded "same frequency resonance". As we all know, Gaoyang County is a thousand-year-old county, a red hot land, and a famous hometown of textiles, a famous home textile capital, "China's famous city of towels and blankets", and "textile industry innovation demonstration cluster area". Gaoyang is also a new city of cultural tourism and an ecological city. This coincides with the new positioning of "science and technology, green and fashion" in China's textile industry, and complements the historical mission of textile intangible cultural heritage work to develop characteristic economy and promote rural revitalization.

Dong Jihua, member of the party group and deputy director of the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Hebei Province, also said that inheriting and developing intangible cultural heritage is an important responsibility and mission for the textile industry to carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture, promote exchanges and learn from civilizations, and revitalize Chinese traditional crafts. The ancient Yanzhao culture has shaped the spiritual temperament of the people of Hebei who are generous and heroic, dare to fight, and are loyal and righteous, and the unique geographical environment of Hebei has cultivated a cultural temperament with northern characteristics. In recent years, under the correct leadership of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, the whole province has taken the initiative to benchmark advanced and accelerate design innovation, intelligent manufacturing, and brand cultivation. The 6th China Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage Conference is an important part of the "Excellent Supply to Promote Upgrading" activity held by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in the country, and is an important measure to implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, enhance industry confidence, promote industrial upgrading, and release consumption potential. At the same time, doing a good job in the inheritance and innovation of textile intangible cultural heritage is of great significance to promoting Chinese civilization, helping rural revitalization, creating the soul of fashion, and meeting the needs of people's better life.

Yan Jihong, Deputy Secretary of the Baoding Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Baoding Municipal People's Government, also said that Baoding has a long history, with 18 national, 99 provincial, and 498 municipal intangible cultural heritage items, which is a veritable gold mine of intangible cultural heritage. Baoding is also a city of opportunities, with the emphasis on the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the promotion of large-scale construction of Xiong'an New Area, Baoding has ushered in a once-in-a-lifetime major opportunity. Baoding's regional advantages and opportunity advantages are accelerating to transform into development advantages. The conference will be held in Gaoyang, Gaoyang will also closely focus on building a 7+5+N Chinese-style modern Baoding scene, focus on the modern textile industry, vigorously promote the digital upgrading of the textile industry, focus on promoting advantages, make up for shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, promote the coordinated development of upstream and downstream, production, supply and marketing, large and small enterprises, and create a highland for industrial agglomeration and development.

Gao Huaijun, member of the party group of Baoding CPPCC and secretary of the Gaoyang County Party Committee, said in his speech that as the first county-level organizer of this event, Gaoyang County is very happy and honored, and is very grateful to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China National Textile and Apparel Federation and the trust and support of all leaders. Holding this conference is a rare opportunity to promote the development of Gaoyang County's textile industry and high-quality economic and social development. Gaoyang County will live up to its heavy responsibilities and go all out to make the conference a high-level, high-level, distinctive and bright event. At the same time, Gaoyang County will take this grand event as an opportunity to inherit China's textile intangible cultural heritage and accelerate the high-quality development of Gaoyang textile industry with intangible cultural heritage as the carrier.

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