[Keqiao strives to promote the high quality and safe development of printing and dyeing industry]
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In the morning of March 6, Chen Hao, secretary of the District Party Committee, went deep into some printing and dyeing enterprises to rectify the hidden dangers of safety, field supervision and inspection of the province's special supervision and rectification task. He stressed, to fully implement the provincial and municipal deployment requirements on the safety development of the printing and dyeing industry, determined, strict standards, strong promotion of the safety development of the printing and dyeing industry "solid and improve quality" action, to resolve the printing and dyeing industry systemic and cumulative safety risks, to ensure that the province's special supervision and rectification tasks in place. Promote the high quality and sustainable development of printing and dyeing industry.

District leader Ding GUI together to participate.

Chen Hao first came to Shaoxing Hongqiang Printing and Dyeing Co., LTD. "Hidden dangers need to be identified, measures need to be precise, and weak points need to be addressed." At the factory gate, Chen Hao carefully checked the setting of "two cards and a picture", pointed out that on the basis of comprehensive investigation of hidden dangers, to establish and improve the risk of hidden dangers "a list of enterprises", to ensure that hidden dangers rectification precision without dead corners. Subsequently, he went into the factory, walk the scene, see the display board, listen to the report, asked in detail the steel plate sewage tank demolition and other hidden danger rectification situation, urge the enterprise to standard provincial supervision group of higher requirements, resolute implementation, one by one implementation, to ensure that the rectification of real results.

Sewage ponds are the areas where safety accidents happen frequently. In Zhejiang Ailis Dyeing and Finishing Co., LTD., Chen Hao went straight to the sewage pond and carried out key supervision on the implementation of measures such as the operation rules on the wall, emergency materials reserve, sewage pond staff on the job with certificates, emergency plan for safety accidents in limited space, etc., and went into the workshop to inspect the enterprise fire facilities configuration, production management and operation, safety channel setting and other work. Enterprises are required to tighten the string of production safety, focus on key parts and weak links, comprehensive and detailed investigation and rectification of risks and hidden dangers, coordinated development, safety, environmental protection, promote enterprises to achieve sustainable and healthy development.

Chen Hao also came to the district to implement the province's special supervision and rectification task focused on the special class, field supervision of the operation of the special class, required the special class to strengthen coordination, highlight the focus of remediation, control lists, wall charts, effectively form a working force, to ensure the orderly progress of the work.

Chen Hao stressed that we should further enhance the sense of responsibility, urgency and sense of mission, adhere to the strict word as the first priority, 70 measures and standards for the seven major aspects of the standard action, rectification, implementation, to ensure that the high standard to complete the provincial supervision group to our rectification tasks. It is necessary to consolidate the main responsibility of enterprises, press and promote the long-term measures of dyeing and dyeing enterprises, establish and improve the long-term permanent treatment mechanism, and effectively improve the level of safety management and emergency response ability of enterprises. It is necessary to strengthen publicity and guidance, comprehensively popularize safety knowledge, enhance emergency awareness, and promote the formation of a good atmosphere for everyone to pay attention to safety, pay attention to safety and participate in safety, so as to vigorously promote the high-quality and safe development of printing and dyeing industry and promote Keqiao "provincial racing, demonstration first" to provide a solid guarantee.

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