["Improving quality, seizing opportunities and controlling risks", Zhou Ye-Jun is talking about how to cope with the centenary of textile enterprises]
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Founded in 1919, Wuxi Yimian used to be the model of China's national industry. Now it is the leader of the cotton textile industry in China and the largest precision spinning enterprise in the world. Since its establishment more than 100 years ago, Wuxi One Cotton Textile Group Co., Ltd. has focused on only one thing -- spinning good yarn and weaving good cloth. Relying on rich cotton textile enterprise operation experience, the company based on professional, based on high-end, based on fine products, and continue to contribute classic, characteristic cotton products to the global market.

Zhou Ye-jun, secretary of the CPC Committee and chairman of Wuxi Cotton Textile Group Co., LTD., talked about how to accelerate digital transformation and integrate into the "double cycle" pattern at the 8th expanded Executive Director meeting of the 10th China Textile Enterprise Management Association and China Textile Entrepreneurs Summit in Wuxi recently.

We will promote digitization and strengthen risk management and control

Textile industry is a market - oriented industry with a high degree of global competition. Wuxi Yimian began to explore the transformation of traditional industry informatization as early as before the millennium, and has been advancing towards the direction of intelligence and digitalization in combination with practical work over the years, and has achieved certain results.

As the national textile industry intelligent manufacturing benchmarking base, Wuxi Yimian not only in the technical facilities and equipment for the digital transformation of work, mining digital value, but also rise to the enterprise strategic planning for the overall control. "At present, our Changjiang workshop has realized intelligent production, and we will continue to promote the intelligent transformation of other workshops step by step." Zhou Ye-jun said Wuxi First Cotton is to strengthen the integration with the network, digitization and intelligence, improve operation and management, build a platform management and supervision system, grasp the market orientation, and strengthen the risk management ability of enterprises.

Strengthen product innovation and deepen the domestic market

In the Government Work Report of this year's "two sessions", expanding domestic demand is the top priority of this year's government work, stressing the need to expand domestic demand, strengthen the fundamental role of consumption in economic development and the key role of investment in optimizing the supply structure. As early as in 2008 when the financial crisis broke out, Wuxi First Cotton began to promote the internal circulation, from the international market began to adjust to the domestic market.

As domestic consumption continues to upgrade, the demand of ordinary people to buy gradually shifted from "whether or not" to "whether or not". Over the years, Wuxi Yimian is committed to the deep cultivation of textile, deep cultivation of the market, grasp the fashion trend, leading the consumption trend, continuous innovation and development, exploration, research and development, production of fashion, classic, favored by customers and consumers; To improve the process system from fiber raw materials to terminal products, in the direction of personalization and quality, through design innovation, advanced technology, strict standards, superior equipment and other aspects of progress, constantly improve product quality, research and development of natural fiber, multi-component blended, low carbon zero carbon and other products with differentiation and in line with consumer demand, at the same time actively develop advanced customization.

Zhou Ye-Jun believed that the development of cotton products is spiraling upward. The extra-high weight pure cotton yarn and fabric home textiles series products developed by Wuxi Yin-cotton, which are characterized by unique comfort and skin friendly, have been recognized by many domestic consumers and form a good market atmosphere. "The difficulties brought by the epidemic in the past three years have exceeded everyone's expectations. It is very effective for the country to promote economic recovery through promotion fees, which will help enterprises strengthen their confidence in development." Zhou Ye-Jun said China's 1.4 billion yuan market is huge and can quickly consume cotton and yarn stocks. She suggested that production enterprises should actively pay attention to market trends and seize development opportunities.

Actively face the market, work together for win-win cooperation

Wuxi cotton direct export products in the European market has a high proportion, now also faced with the majority of foreign trade enterprises common problems. For the current situation of export, Zhou Ye-Jun believed that enterprises should look at market changes dynamically. "We live in an era of rapid response. To be an enterprise, we must withstand changes in rules, not rely on existing advantages, and constantly strive to find new space and actively explore the market. From a global point of view, if we have winter here, there will be summer elsewhere, and there will always be market opportunities." The reason for such confidence is that Xinjiang cotton, as a textile raw material, has many advantages. In addition, China's textile industry has a solid foundation, with the world's most complete industrial chain and stable supply chain advantages.

Zhou Ye-Jun said the world's textile industry must face the future together and overcome difficulties. An Italian businessman once mentioned to her that the Italian market recognized the quality of Xinjiang cotton products, and it would be a great pity if the cooperation was limited in the future. "Some enterprises are worried about adverse factors at the export level, which can be solved through communication. We have to win the opportunity to cooperate first, but at the same time, we have to prepare for the worst, overcome the unfavorable factors and open up a wider market." Zhou Ye-Jun said that trade cooperation is the result of two-way efforts. Wuxi First Cotton, while cooperating closely with famous international brands, is grasping the new opportunities brought by the Belt and Road Initiative, making full use of high-quality international resources to invest in Ethiopia, and realizing the Silk Road global dream of one cotton in 100 years in the process of "going out".

"As long as we work together, the prospects are very good." Looking ahead, Zhou is full of confidence.

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