[What are the uses of recycled polypropylene yarn?]
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Jinjiang Deke Textile Co., Ltd. mainly produces: polypropylene recycled yarn, polypropylene hollow yarn, pp yarn, polypropylene lightweight yarn, polypropylene yarn and other products. Polypropylene FDY production line 20 and a number of supporting equipment. The company mainly produces 300D-1200D recycled polypropylene yarn, polypropylene colored yarn and polypropylene hollow yarn, with an annual output value of about 7000 tons.

Polypropylene reclaimed yarn specification: 300D-1200D. Color: All kinds of colors can be produced, can also be customized according to the requirements.

Characteristics of polypropylene reclaimed yarn : The biggest advantage of polypropylene yarn is light texture, its density is only 0.91g/cm3. , high strength: the relative strength can reach 3-7.5g/denier, with polypropylene yarn made of clothes fast and durable, at the same time suitable for high strength requirements of industrial use. Good elasticity: the resilience of polypropylene yarn can reach 90-100%, poor photothermal stability: the main defect of polypropylene yarn performance is poor photothermal stability, easy to aging, but through the research and test of domestic and foreign scientific and technological personnel, this problem has been solved. Poor coloration.

Application of polypropylene reclaimed yarn:

Because polypropylene has many excellent properties, and the cost is low, so it has opened up a wider range of uses at home and abroad.

1.Polypropylene reclaimed yarn is used for civil use: it can be used for student clothing, elastic underpants, mosquito net, socks, blankets, cotton wool, padding and filling materials, textile fiber raw materials and their substitutes (household daily textiles; Curtains made of textiles or plastic.) Decorative materials, can do curtain, sand release, carpet, luggage, suspenders and so on.

2, polypropylene reclaimed yarn used in medical and health, can replace cotton yarn cloth, and has the advantage of non-stick wound.

3, polypropylene reclaimed yarn used in industry, can be made into rope, Marine cable, fishing net industrial filter cloth, geotextile has been widely used in railway, road, airport, tunnel, environmental protection and many other fields. Hoisting belts, ropes, nets, tents and tarpaulins; Awnings and sails of textiles or synthetic fibre materials, sacks for transport and storage of bulk goods, etc.

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