[Through the collaborative innovation of industrial chain and cross-border cooperation, the construction of modern textile industry system]
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The construction of modern textile industry system is inseparable from the collaborative innovation and cross-border cooperation of industrial chain. In order to improve the breadth and depth of China's textile and garment industry cooperation, promote the cooperation and collaboration of all links of China's textile and garment supply chain, on May 18, Rusi ·2023 China's textile and garment cooperation and Development Forum to "green new wind "Zhiqi New Future" as the theme, around the green new technology, low-carbon new products, smart new technology and other hot topics, pooling the hearts of all people, pooling the strength, pooling the wisdom, to talk about the bright future of China's textile industry. About 150 representatives from upstream and downstream enterprises of textile and apparel industry, such as China National Textile Industry Council, China Textile Information Center, Bosidang, Youngor, Jiangnan Fabrics, Puma Group, Bestseller Fashion, Jinba Men's Wear, Hongxing Erke, Yiwen Group, etc., participated in the activity.

The forum was sponsored by the Productivity Promotion Department of China National Textile Industry Council and organized by China Textile Information Center. It was jointly sponsored by Ma 'anshan and Jielang Biomaterials Co., LTD., Jiangsu Xinruibei Technology Co., LTD., Wanxinglong Group, Suzhou Dongyisheng Material Technology Co., LTD., Wujiang Hanta Textile Finishing Co., LTD., Shanghai Guangjie Clothing Co., LTD It has been strongly supported by Jiangsu Yashidi Group Co., LTD., Ningbo Ruiqi Brand Management Co., Ltd. and other 5 units.

Five years later, the China Textile Elite Challenge entered Dunhuang again, allowing more textile people to renew friendship and talk about development together. Li Bo, deputy director of China Textile Information Center, pointed out in his speech that the current vision of carbon neutrality is comprehensively driving the reconstruction of production factors, the upgrading of value chain and the reform of business model of the textile and garment industry. Digitalization has also become a new fulcrm for the smooth double cycle of the industry, the practice of Chinese-style modernization and the realization of high-quality development.

With intelligent upgrading and green development as the entry point, the forum has brought innovative development and manufacturing management system for the industry, as well as multiple paths and feasible solutions to practice corporate social responsibility. Chen Ruifeng, deputy general manager of Tongjieliang Biomaterials Co., LTD., said biodegradable materials are an ideal choice to curb plastic consumption. With environmental protection, safety, health and comfort and other excellent performance, widely used in the field of baby products. Cao Yunfeng, senior purchasing manager of Jiangnan Buyi Clothing Co., Ltd. shared that the company has set up an ESG team, which is committed to creating sustainable fashion and promoting sustainable development through green empowerment, improving material utilization, energy saving and low-carbon model. Wu Zhihui, director of the Commodity Management Center of Wanxinglong Group, mentioned that Wanxinglong Group takes the green smart manufacturing strategy as the guidance, promotes intelligent manufacturing, environmental protection and low carbon and innovation and upgrading, adopts environmentally friendly raw materials and process technology to achieve green smart manufacturing, and promotes a better and fashionable life.

In addition, Gao Jun, Business Director of Suzhou Dongyisheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the energy saving and environmental benefits of water-free dyeing technology, and Jiang Haihua, Business manager of Jiangsu Yashidi Group Co., Ltd. introduced environmental sustainability initiatives, including the use of environmentally friendly materials and dyeing schemes, creating green chains, and breakthroughs in functional processes.

The textile and garment industry is facing challenges such as channel reshuffle, personalized demand, intelligent digitalization of supply chain, etc. Through digital transformation, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain platform, brand innovation and other measures, the industry will usher in an era of intelligent manufacturing and high-quality development. Song Ze, supply chain Director of Beijing Jinyujie Clothing Co., LTD., Xu Zihan, assistant chairman of Zhuoshang Clothing Hangzhou Co., LTD., Zhang Pengwei, senior director of supply chain of Yunchuang Design Group Co., LTD., Chen Yulin, chairman of Wujiang Hanta Textile Finishing Co., LTD., Zhang Jun, business division of Shanghai Guangjie Clothing Co., LTD., Bao Huihong, founding partner of Ningbo Ruiqi Brand Management Co., LTD., and other guests appealed Accelerate the transformation of digital intelligence and build new advantages in industrial competition.

It is believed that under the continuous exploration and practice of many industry enterprises, the textile and garment industry will definitely accelerate the high-end, digital and green transformation of the whole link, and make due contribution to the sustainable and high-quality development of the industry.

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