[What are the chemical molecules of PP yarn?]
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About the introduction of polypropylene yarn, we start from the advantages of PP yarn, light texture, its density is only 0.91g/cm3 is the lightest variety of common chemical fiber density, so the same weight polypropylene fiber than other fibers to get a higher coverage area. High tensile polypropylene has high strength, large elongation, high initial modulus and good elasticity. So polypropylene wear resistance is good; In addition, the wet strength of polypropylene is basically equal to the dry strength, so it is an ideal material for making fishing nets and cables; Hygroscopicity and staining quality light and good heat preservation; Almost no moisture absorption, but the core absorption ability is very strong, moisture absorption and sweat removal effect is obvious; Polypropylene hygroscopicity is very small, almost no hygroscopicity, the moisture return rate under general atmospheric conditions is close to zero. In addition, the electrical insulation of polypropylene is good, but it is easy to produce static electricity during processing. Because the thermal conductivity of polypropylene is small, the heat preservation is good; The strength of high strength polypropylene elastic wire is second only to nylon, but the price is only 1/3 of nylon; Made of fabric size stability, wear-resisting elasticity is also good, good chemical stability.

Polypropylene yarn chemical molecules are also very different, is made of polypropylene yarns. Polypropylene has good heat resistance, products can be sterilized and sterilized at temperatures above 100℃, under the condition of no external force, 150℃ is not deformed. The embrittlement temperature is -35℃, below which embrittlement will occur, and the cold resistance is not as good as polyethylene. The glass transition temperature of polypropylene is reported to be 18qC, 0qC, 5℃, etc. This is also because people use different samples, which contain different ratio of crystalline phase and amorphous phase, resulting in different chain length of amorphous part of the molecular chain. The melting temperature of polypropylene is about 40 ~ 50% higher than that of polyethylene, which is about 164 ~ 170℃, and the melting point of 100% isogauge polypropylene is 176℃. Polypropylene has a good chemical stability, besides can be concentrated sulfuric acid, nitric acid erosion, for other kinds of chemical reagents are stable, but the low molecular weight fatty hydrocarbon, aromatic hydrocarbon and chlorinated hydrocarbon can make polypropylene softening and swelling, such as its chemical stability at the same time there is some increase with the increase of the crystallinity, chemical pipe and fittings for the production, so the polypropylene anti-corrosion effect is good. It is because there are so many good advantages that the role of polypropylene yarn is becoming more and more, and the market is becoming larger and larger.

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