[Standardization leads the textile industry to high quality]
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Standardization leads the textile industry to high quality What good experience can be used for reference?

Zhang Gang, former counselor of The State Council, read the National Standardization Development Outline issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and The State Council from four aspects. The first is the standard supply side structural reform to promote high-quality development, "Outline" proposed by 2025 China's standardization to achieve the first of the "four changes", that is, the standard supply from the government led to the government and the market transformation, the fundamental purpose is to optimize China's standard supply. The essence of this transformation is to give full play to the decisive role of the market in allocating resources, better play the role of the government, and provide more, faster, better and more leading standards for the whole economy and society. Secondly, the deep integration of standardization and scientific and technological innovation supports high-quality development, and innovation is the first driving force leading development. The degree of integration of standardization and scientific and technological innovation determines the height, level and competitiveness of standardization, and profoundly affects the process of high-quality development in China. Thirdly, the work pattern of "high progress" and "high" standards positioning high-quality development, and finally, the systematic innovation of the standardization system guarantees high-quality development. The systematic innovation of the Outline includes not only the goal innovation of standardization development, the innovation of working mechanism, but also the system innovation of implementing standardization strategy.

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