[How to promote the development of garment textile industry more modern?]
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The 2023 Dalian Fashion Week kicked off recently and will last until September 7. This season's fashion week is a collection of "show, exhibition and meeting" in one, with fashion release, summit forum, business linkage and fashion selection. On September 2, the only sub-venue of 2023 Dalian Fashion Week - Dalian Pulandian District was awarded the plaque of "China Garment Intelligent Manufacturing City" and "Liaoning Garment Custom City" by China Textile Industry Federation and Liaoning Textile and Garment Association respectively. For a time, the garment and textile industry frequently boarded the "hot search" and became the focus of people's recent attention.

The garment textile industry belongs to China's traditional manufacturing industry and is also one of the important pillar industries of our national economy. For the people, the garment and textile industry is directly related to clothing industry, is an important livelihood industry, textile and clothing is an important consumer goods for residents. The high-quality development of the garment and textile industry plays a very important role in promoting the development of the national economy, solving employment problems, and enhancing residents' consumption. In the National Bureau of Statistics released 16 categories of units above the quota of commodity retail data, the first half of this year, clothing, shoes, hats, textiles retail sales growth reached 12.8%. In terms of increasing varieties, improving quality and creating brands, China's garment and textile enterprises produce distinctive products through differentiated brand positioning and continue to enhance product competitiveness.

However, China's garment and textile industry still has the bottleneck of industrial agglomeration effect is not strong, independent research and development innovation ability is insufficient, brand recognition is not high. To this end, we should continue to improve the level of industrialization, wisdom, personalization and branding, icing on the cake, and promote the development of the garment textile industry to be more modern.

First, strive to upgrade the level of industrial modernization. It is necessary to forge the long board, strengthen the weak board, strengthen the foundation, improve the effect of industrial agglomeration, and promote the promotion of commercial value and economic efficiency. In addition to building a professional base integrating research and development, operation, production and printing and dyeing, strong cities and counties in the field of clothing and textile should also build a third-party public service platform with strong industry attributes, and create a service platform integrating original design, fashion taste, demand research, Internet e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, industry seminars, exhibition halls, and news. This can not only attract clothing enterprises in this comprehensive platform to achieve spot surface accessories one-stop procurement, but also through the establishment of professional studio, model training center, fashion art IP authorization trading center, network broadcast room for designers, fashion lovers, photographers, experts and scholars, entrepreneurs to provide a comprehensive, gathering business exchange platform.

The second is to realize the transformation from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" and lead the upgrading of the industry. Nowadays, the development of digital economy and intelligent manufacturing have become new highlights, new advantages and new platforms for economic development in various regions. Garment and textile enterprises should take this opportunity to gradually abandon the "face" development model of fighting resources and fighting speed, pursue more "inside" development, promote the intelligent and digital transformation of garment and textile equipment, complete the intelligent transformation and upgrading of production lines, and gradually replace traditional industrial production lines with intelligent manufacturing flexible production lines.

The third is to meet the individual needs of consumers, especially young consumer groups, as far as possible. The design and innovation of clothing and textile products is the soul of enterprise development, and improving the original ability can make the enterprise develop rapidly. Clothing enterprises should realize design innovation, technological innovation, concept innovation, and gradually explore the consumer-led "on-demand" production mode, and gradually transform the development mode of OEM processing and brand agency into flexible production and personalized customization, so as to clarify brand positioning, shape brand personality, and improve the influence, visibility, and reputation in consumer groups.

The fourth is to take the road of brand development and improve user stickiness. It is necessary to strengthen brand building, enhance brand grade, improve product quality, and gradually explore a road of characteristic development with independent style. Guide enterprises to strengthen the professional management of brands and pay attention to the integration of scientific and technological content and cultural connotation of clothing products. For the garment and textile industry, it should focus on the industrial positioning of "science and technology, fashion, personality and green", and pursue the brand development path of high performance, environmental protection and low-carbon, and personalized experience.

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