[The textile industry shows a feeling of heavy before light after!]
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From September 2 to 8, the domestic cocoon silk market continued to show a high consolidation trend, as of September 8, the average price of the domestic raw silk spot market was 488800 yuan/ton, up 0.16% from last weekend; The average price of dry cocoon in the market is 160,000 yuan/ton, the same as the price last weekend.

On the spot surface of raw silk, the price changes are small, the silk price continues to show a strong game shock trend, the fabric price of silk weaving enterprises still can not keep up with the silk price increase, the difficulty of receiving orders, the resistance to high-price raw materials has also appeared, the procurement rhythm has slowed down compared with the previous period, but still maintains a certain rhythm. The gold market has not yet shown a strong vitality, but as the peak season, September is indeed a little early, double 11 important nodes have not yet arrived, and the market situation remains optimistic. In terms of exports to India, the price has basically not changed, and it is difficult to increase prices.

Autumn cocoons on the market, this week is the main producing area of Guangxi Hechi Yizhou and other places of the first batch of autumn cocoons listed concentrated time. The overall purchase price has increased, but at the same time, the quality has also improved compared with last week, resulting in obvious buying of autumn cocoons, the price has risen from the initial 54-56 yuan to 55-57 yuan in the batch listing period, and then to 56-58 yuan at the peak, and then to 60 yuan, and a small number of quality is particularly good to 61-62 yuan. The period from September 2 to 8 is also the gradual listing period of autumn cocoons in the southwest region, and the difficulty of negotiation has increased in terms of trading volume and high prices.

In terms of silk, in addition to a few hot varieties, it mostly reflects that the summer orders of the season are basically over, and the fabric and clothing orders of the next season are still not at the time node or the performance is still average. Some units reflect that according to the current silk price calculation of the quotation of silk, it is difficult for customers to accept, and it is still in the bargaining stage, but the overall price is slightly red compared with last week.

At present, the whole industry shows a feeling of light before and after, from the current acquisition situation of various cocoon producing areas, the acquisition price continues to rise is a large probability event, the downstream silk enterprises are under great pressure, the inventory of raw materials and finished products occupies a large capital, in order to ensure product quality and order production, the purchase volume is also appropriately increased in the near future. Now entering the production season, orders have improved relative to the previous period, but this year's peak season is insufficient, there is no significant change expected. Analysts believe that there is limited space for raw silk prices to go down, mainly because the entire textile industry is in the peak season or is approaching the peak season, and short-term downstream demand is still in.

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