[Cold air coming "warm consumption" rapidly heating up]
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It was the height of winter and the temperature had plummeted. In the cold wind, the production workshop of many textile enterprises is full of warmth. Recently, the reporter interviewed a number of fabric companies and found that some companies are gearing up to help the winter "warm economy" rapidly heat up.

"Warming consumption" is rising rapidly

The advent of cold air has brought continuous prosperity to the "warm economy" of the textile industry.

According to the data of many e-commerce companies, with the arrival of the cold wave, warm clothing such as down jackets and storm jackets ushered in the peak sales in a year.

Jd.com data show that since December 11, many categories of warm clothing ushered in sales growth, of which, sports down jacket turnover increased 10 times year-on-year; The turnover of cashmere sweaters increased by 6.4 times year-on-year, the turnover of down jackets, sweaters, woolen coats, scarves/gloves/hats all increased by four times year-on-year, and the turnover of fur increased by 103% year-on-year.

On December 12, Taobao's year-end good price festival ended. During the activity, the average daily number of visitors to Taobao's hot search "military coat" soared 10 times and continued to stabilize at a high level. Amoy factory military coat orders increased by 223% day on day.

Vipshop's data is also bright, entering December, women's sweater sales doubled, women's knitwear sales increased by 36%, and hardshell clothing sales increased by more than 40%.

The heat of clothing sales is also reflected in the fabric market. In recent days, China textile city fabric market clothing fabric sales increased month-on-month, winter fabric transactions increased month-on-month, counterpart merchants to enter the market subscription increased month-on-month, driving clothing fabric prices rose.

Specifically, orders for knitted fabrics increased in winter and spring, and prices were basically stable. Knitted Lafite double-sided cloth door fabric sold well, extra black, navy blue, ore ash, rice ash, hemp gray color fabric local store orders increased accordingly. Creative fabric marketing continues to be active, the unit price of some new style creative fabrics has increased slightly, the added value is boosted by the main road products, and the market highlights are frequently displayed. The transaction of coated imitation leather fabric increased, and the transaction showed an active trend, becoming one of the best-selling products.

"Recently, due to the increase in downstream enterprises' inventory, market transactions have rebounded, spot transactions and orders have shown a sequential growth trend, and prices have risen." The relevant person in charge of the China Textile City Construction Management Committee also said that with the arrival of the "Christmas season", foreign trade orders have also recovered from last month, and demand in Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and other regions has risen steadily.

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