[Textile people pay great attention to speed up the development of new quality productivity]
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At the beginning of the New Year, everything is renewed. On March 4, the second session of the 14th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) opened in Beijing. More than 2,100 members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) from 34 sectors gathered here to discuss national governance and offer suggestions for promoting Chinese-style modernization. On March 5, the second session of the 14th National People's Congress (NPC) opened. Nearly 3,000 NPC deputies attended the highly anticipated event, full of the expectations of the whole country.

From February 5 to 25 this year, the People's Net carried out the 23rd consecutive national two sessions survey, and widely received public opinion. The survey included 49 candidate buzzwords in 10 areas. The voting results show that "Rule of law", "employment", "rural revitalization", "medical care", "high-quality development", "elderly care", "education power", "community governance", "excellent traditional Chinese culture" and "national security education" have attracted the most attention and were selected as the top ten hot words.

The rule of law is a basic way to govern the country and an important guarantee for the continuous improvement of people's well-being. In this year's national Two sessions survey, "rule of law" ranked first among the top ten hot words.  We must use the rule of law to continuously optimize the business environment and ensure the high-quality development of private enterprises with a high level of rule of law. For some time, some people in society have made some negative and skeptical remarks about the private economy, which is completely wrong. To do economic work well, we must use high-level rule of law to encourage, support and guide the healthy and high-quality development of the private economy.

In the national two sessions of the survey, "social security" has been the focus of attention, this year, the field of social security "employment" topic, is still the focus of attention. Employment is the biggest project for people's livelihood, public support and foundation, and an important guarantee for social stability. The textile industry is the pillar industry of China's national economy and social development, and the textile industry directly employs more than 20 million people, which is an important force for stable employment in China. At the same time, the textile industry is deeply related to the first, second and third industries, and also has a strong employment driving effect and industrial malleability. It is necessary to strengthen the employment priority orientation, give full play to the characteristics of the long textile and garment industry chain and many levels, ensure the stable and healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry, and transform the ecological diversity of the industry into a greater capacity for employment.

In this year's national two sessions survey, "rural revitalization" ranked third on the list of hot words. The high heat of the topic carries people's expectations for common prosperity and a better life. To promote the comprehensive revitalization of rural areas, industrial support is indispensable. Up to now, the China Textile Industry Federation has actively carried out industrial co-construction work with more than 200 county-level and town-level textile and garment industry clusters across the country, and the economic scale of industrial clusters has been close to 50% of the whole industry. The textile industry plays a special role in promoting rural revitalization.

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