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"Gold three" has passed, market demand is less than expected, downstream product sales are slow, and enterprises are not confident in the future market. In order to track the operation of cotton textile enterprises in a timely manner and understand the changes in the cotton textile market, recently, the China Cotton Textile Industry Association conducted a large survey of the main cotton textile related markets in the country for the 79th time, and the following is the situation reflected by the local market, cotton textile and related enterprises:

Raw material market

Cotton: Recently, the focus of domestic cotton prices has moved down, but the overall change is not large, 3128B grade cotton spot price is around 16900 yuan/ton, spot trading is slightly better than before, but the downstream enterprise procurement atmosphere is not as good as in previous years, mostly on-demand replenishment. From the current situation, the "gold three silver four" color is obviously insufficient, the willingness of cotton textile enterprises to purchase raw materials is low, and a large number of purchases are rarely seen. Polyester staple fiber: the spot price of polyester staple fiber follows the fluctuation of futures prices, and the transaction center of gravity has shifted slightly recently, basically at 7300-7500 yuan/ton, but the sales are weak, the inventory has increased to about 20 days, the overall sales performance of downstream yarn is generally, and the phenomenon of enterprises purchasing raw materials on a bargain is more, and the price of polyester staple fiber is expected to be mainly shaken and consolidated in the near future. Viscose staple fiber: the viscose staple fiber market is weak, the mainstream quotation is stable at 13400-13700 yuan/ton, the actual transaction is negotiated according to the single, the new transaction is limited, and some enterprises have begun to increase their inventory. Under the background of insufficient demand, the buying and selling atmosphere of viscose yarn market is light, and downstream raw material procurement is mainly to maintain order production. Market demand is expected to remain weak in the short term.

Yarn market

Pure cotton yarn: At present, the enterprise is running normally, basically producing at full capacity, but the inventory has increased slightly, and the sales price of products has continued to decline since the Spring Festival, and the financial cost pressure is greater. The orders received before the year have basically ended, the recent new orders are fewer, the price is lower, and the price is basically restored to the price before the year. Downstream customers just need to purchase, are not optimistic about the late market, in the absence of good conditions, the market is difficult to improve. Vortex spinning: Current production and sales are basically normal, production and sales balance, inventory 1 week to 2 weeks. The export market has improved slightly, domestic sales are not expected to be good, polyester yarn series is better, especially thick yarn orders. In the long run, the end market demand has not seen a significant recovery, raw material price fluctuations and downstream demand expectations are weak affect industry confidence. Dyed yarn: Recently, the dyed yarn market has a preference, orders have increased significantly, and there are signs of recovery, but profits are less than expected. The conventional varieties market is general, the differentiated and woven varieties have relatively more orders, and the late market is cautiously optimistic, and it is necessary to improve the raw materials and processes and continue to develop in differentiation. Differential yarn: At present, the enterprise is at full load, and the recent new orders are less, and the foreign orders are better than the domestic sales orders; In the machine products are still mainly pre-holiday orders, orders can be maintained until mid-late April. The product price is relatively stable, and the inventory is about 15-20 days, which has little change with the previous period. Judging from the downstream feedback, the market will not improve much in April. Polyester yarn: March has come to an end, this year's "gold three" market is relatively flat, but slightly better than the same period last year. The opening rate of enterprises is normal, the recent price and inventory of polyester yarn have not fluctuated significantly, and the product profit is low. Some enterprises said that export orders were significantly better than in previous years, and domestic demand was still weak. According to the current downstream opening situation, demand will weaken in April. Viscose yarn: the viscose yarn market is light, downstream on-demand procurement is dominated, enterprises are still dominated by orders before the year, and the peak season has failed to bring significant improvement to the market. Product prices have been adjusted back, but the overall is relatively stable, and some enterprises have begun to accumulate. In the short term, the new orders of downstream enterprises are insufficient, and the market atmosphere is pessimistic.

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