[PP yarn makes the summer cooler!]
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We all know that PP yarn is mainly used for webbing, rope, etc. It is not known that the application of clothing accessories is one of its strengths.

In the current market, some knitted light-cool jeans use a high-quality functional polyester fiber (ie PP yarn) that absorbs moisture.

Knitted light-cool jeans use the special water-conducting groove of the cross-section of PP yarn, that is, the super-strong capillary suction phenomenon, which absorbs and transmits the human sweat quickly, and achieves the effect of quick-drying; its special cross-section structure has good ventilation. Sexuality makes the fiber feel dry, soft and comfortable when it comes into contact with the skin, which greatly enhances the comfort and dryness of the clothes.

This summer, it is more refreshing and smoother due to PP yarn!

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