[How to do the maintenance of PP yarn?]
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The maintenance work of PP yarn mainly has the following three points:

The first method is to make the yarn soft by the traditional mechanical method, mainly through the soft yarn treatment, destroying the glue film to express the softness. The disadvantage is that the method is easy to cause the PP yarn to pilling.

The second method is to increase the moisture regain of the PP yarn, but pay attention to the scope. If the large area test will cause the polypropylene yarn to mold, the softness is not obvious. Or adding a suitable softening agent during the spinning process can also increase the softness of the yarn.

The third method is similar to the second method in that the roving is softly treated and the roving is oiled, the above-mentioned glue film is softened, and the softness of the PP yarn is improved with a softener.

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