[The invisible performance of pp yarns has gradually been developed!]
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PP yarn can be used for mobile slings, shoelaces and backpacks. Specially designed PP yarn woven belts can be used as car seat belts, mountaineering, seat belts for high-altitude and offshore operations, and air-belt straps. Christmas yarn is used for the Christmas tree.

In life we are not too familiar with pp yarn, but we often use it. Because the role of the pp yarn is a lot, it is necessary to use it in every occasion.

The finished products of pp yarn include polypropylene filament, polypropylene staple fiber and shaped fiber, composite fiber and the like. Commonly used is polypropylene filament, and after extension, there will be fine denier polypropylene yarn and ultra-fine denier polypropylene filament, polypropylene carpet yarn and so on.

So what is the role of pp yarn? In recent years, the invisible properties of polypropylene have been gradually developed, and savvy manufacturers use polypropylene's high-performance blends with other fibers to make a variety of finished fabrics and even clothing. It also makes polypropylene, a new fiber, gradually gain a foothold in the chemical fiber market. Polypropylene can be seen in thermal underwear, sportswear and denim fabrics.

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