[Henan Province printing and dyeing industry green development research activities officially launched]
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On August 12th, the Ministry of Green Pollution Development of the Provincial Pollution Prevention and Control Office organized the mobilization and training meeting of the province's chemical fertilizer, printing and dyeing industry green development research activities, and the province's chemical fertilizer, printing and dyeing industry green development special research activities officially launched. Li Weiqun, chief engineer of the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, attended and spoke. The responsible comrades of the Ministry of Green Development conducted systematic training on the participants on the content, methods, procedures and evaluation criteria of the survey.

The meeting informed the current severe environmental situation in our province, clarified the purpose and significance of this green development survey, and put forward specific requirements for the research activities. It is pointed out that the purpose of carrying out this research activity is to build a platform through the government and horizontal communication of enterprises, give full play to the expertise of internal personnel, learn from each other, learn from each other, complement each other, improve together, continuously strengthen industry self-discipline and self-management, and further improve Environmental management level of fertilizer, printing and dyeing industry. At the same time, through comprehensive evaluation of the green development level of various enterprises in the industry, encourage advanced, spur backward, promote a good atmosphere within the industry than catch up with the school, and lay the foundation for the overall improvement of the green development level of the whole industry.

The meeting stressed that it is necessary to fully understand the importance of promoting green development from the political height of the implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's ecological civilization. Through this special research, we can achieve four goals: first, discover problems and guide enterprises to rectify; second, learn from each other and improve their overall level; third, strengthen industry self-discipline and promote market fairness; fourth, earnestly implement green evaluation and implement environmental science control Provide support.

The meeting requested that all investigators should raise their awareness and perform their duties properly; work hard to prevent form cuts; be strict and standard, be objective and fair; pay attention to learning and exchange, discover and train talents; strictly enforce discipline and eliminate bad behaviors .

Responsible comrades of the Department of Water Ecology and Environment, Science and Technology Standards Department of the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, all members of the research team, and the coordination liaison officers of the relevant provincial ecological environment bureau attended the meeting.

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