[The versatility, the application range of PP yarn is beyond imagination!]
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Because polypropylene has many excellent properties and low cost, it has opened up a wide range of applications at home and abroad.

1, PP yarn for civilian use: can be used for student uniforms, stretch pants, mosquito nets, socks, blankets, cotton, padding and filling materials, textile fiber raw materials and their substitutes (family daily textiles; textile or plastic) Curtain.) Decorative materials, can be used for curtains, sofa fabrics, carpets, bags, straps, etc.

2, PP yarn for medical and health aspects, can replace cotton gauze, and has the advantage of non-stick wounds.

3, PP yarn for industrial and international aspects, can be made into ropes, marine ropes, fishing net industrial filter cloth, geotextiles have been widely used in railways, highways, airports, tunnels, environmental protection and many other fields. Hoisting straps, ropes, nets, tents and waterproof tarpaulins; awnings for textile or synthetic fibre materials, sails, transport and storage of sacks for bulk.

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