[How far is the Internet clothing customization from scale?]
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From "flow" to "retention"

How far is the Internet clothing customization from scale?

Internet clothing customization market has entered the players in recent years, including Internet companies such as Ali, JD.com, Meitu, Vipshop, etc. have tried the "clothing customization" market. Recently, the volume customization was held in Guangzhou to launch the “Brand Strategy Upgrade Conference”, and launched the PLUS series of products, which announced that it will enter the men's wear category customization stage. The customized products adopt C2M (Customer-to-Manufactory, Chinese referred to as “Guest to Factory” The model provides customized services for men's shirts. In the field of Internet clothing customization, the four-year customization of the company is one of the few profitable companies. The founder of the quantity customization 虞 Li Da pointed out that the customization market can be divided into traditional customization and new customization. The traditional customization is also the problem of “uneconomical scale” in the physical store, and many of the Internet clothing customization are the way to take the Internet startup company. The money-burning model, through financing, advertising, and then refinancing to obtain larger customers.

Start men's full range of customization

Li Shujun, the head of Tmall clothing, once said that the future direction of suits and e-commerce is vertical e-commerce + online customization + offline experience store. Tmall will use its own advantages to help suit brands develop O2O projects and introduce online custom customers to offline stores. Tmall needs to integrate clothing custom brands first have a certain number of offline experience stores.

Jingdong also launched the e-commerce clothing customization business. Jingdong's clothing customization will be customized and then moved to the online, in addition to allowing consumers to choose online, including clothing style, fabric, style, size, decoration and other dimensions. Based on the O2O and LBS (Location Service) mode, the store-to-store volume and door-to-door volume service.

According to statistics, luxury clothing needs to be modified to cover 35% of ready-to-wear. According to McKinsey's 2017 China Luxury Consumption Report, the total consumption of the luxury consumer market of 1.06 billion, clothing accounted for 64%, for the high-end seamless clothing market, this is a trillion-scale opportunity, from another On the one hand, clothing customization is also full of opportunities.

In the increasingly popular clothing customization market, the early customization of the volume customization has recently launched the PLUS series of products. In the PLUS series, there are not only high-end shirts, but also Italian imported fabric suits, high-end polo shirts and other products. This also means that the tailoring of the volume opens the "full range of times" for men's wear.虞 Lida pointed out that in fact the custom market can be divided into traditional customization and new customization. Traditional customization is the physical store that everyone sees, but the problem is that this form is “uneconomical”, the cost is high and the price is very expensive, and the new customization is the Internet customization method. From the current market situation, the annual sales have been Billions and few profitable ones, many of them are the way to go to the Internet company - enter the money-burning mode, get customers through financing, advertising, and then refinance to get bigger customers.

The model of custom quantity is from the “flow” to the “retention” mode. Compared with the money marketing, the tailor-made selection allows the profit to be given to the platform on the platform. One-third of the profits, thus motivating the masses to retain customers with better service. In the four years, the volume has been customized to sell 1.5 million custom shirts, which has accumulated 500,000 users, and the landing service covers 110 cities. And 80% of the users of the measurement are introduced by friends.

Internet clothing custom "three high" standard

According to statistics on the customization of products, less than 30% of Chinese men can buy a fitted shirt. Most men in the traditional clothing market can not buy a real fit shirt. At present, middle-class men in China are the mainstream rational consumers. They have the ability to identify good products and good services. In the traditional clothing industry, due to the cost of inventory and storefronts, the terminal fare increase rate is too high, resulting in the cost performance of clothing sold by traditional channels is not high. The C2M model adopted by the quantity has achieved zero inventory and the price is more close to the people.

“The most serious problem in the domestic apparel industry is inventory. The stock has eaten a lot of profits from traditional clothing brands.” According to Li Dada, the biggest innovation of the C2M model of quantitative products is to abandon the traditional supply chain model of clothing. Change the spot model of the garment into a futures model, that is, know in advance what the consumer's needs are, then guide the production, and trigger the factory production with the consumer's demand. Specifically, after receiving the customer's appointment, the quantity master of the quantity will help the customer to measure the quantity, and then transfer the data back to the factory in time. After the factory completes the personalized production, the product will be delivered directly to the consumer, without Personalization and flexible production can be achieved in any unnecessary link. Up to now, the number of shirts has been completed more than 800 iterations, and the pants have completed more than 200 iterations.

For new customizations represented by Internet customization, if customization is not achieved, so-called customization is a pseudo-proposition. “We only had 30 to 40 shirts a day when we started, and the cost of one item was six or seven hundred. If my supply chain is not efficient, I have to push the cost to be close to or lower than the big one to customize. Then the cost of customization will be more than double that of traditional products. To be honest, this customization has no vitality.” Li Lida said that until now, there is no financing plan for the customization of the products, but the customization of the products has achieved profitability. "The secret of profit is not to advertise, not to open stores, not to control inventory, the factory is also its own." Li Lida pointed out that in the Internet customization market, there are "three highs" is very important: high quality, high cost performance, high convenience Sex. The starting point is low, starting from the most basic products, the quantity is cut into the market from a single product, and it needs to be cultivated in the industrial chain before it is exchanged for a lightweight business model. In the future, the business of measuring products will be extended from clothing customization to providing customers with an overall image matching solution, truly from single product customization to full-scale image customization.

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