[In addition to pp yarn, what materials are there in the webbing?]
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In addition to pp yarn, what materials are there in the webbing?

Ribbon material selection knowledge:

1. Elastic band - Material selection: Material selection: In today's green and environmentally friendly life, the elastic band tends to use non-toxic and harmless TPU as raw material. It can also be added with auxiliary high-elastic additives to enhance its elasticity. As an accessory for clothing, elastic band is especially suitable for trousers, baby clothes, sweaters, sportswear, kimono, wedding dresses, T-shirts, hats, masks and other clothing products.

2, PP webbing - material selection: select pp yarn environmental protection materials, specifications are: 300D, 450D, 600D, 900D, 1000D, etc., woven with pp yarn / polypropylene yarn and rope, can be used for all kinds of luggage, travel Bags, backpacks, shoelaces, cell phone straps, etc. Special-purpose pp yarn woven belts can be used as car seat belts, mountaineering high-altitude and safety belts for offshore work, and car straps.

3, cotton webbing - material selection: the yarn is processed by the cotton fiber through the spinning process, which is called cotton thread after the joint processing. In the cotton yarn, the fibers are straight and parallel, the knots are few, the gloss is good, the strips are even and the strength is high, and the cotton yarns are mostly used for weaving high-end fabrics.

4, nylon webbing - material selection: the material is selected from a high-strength polyester filament yarn sewing thread (using Taiwan's high-quality raw materials), also known as high-strength line. Its characteristics: the thread is soft and smooth, the color is firm and strong, and the heat, the light resistance, the damage resistance is strong, the breaking strength is large, and the elasticity is inelastic.

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